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If you and your spouse have already reached an agreement concerning all of your marital issues, then you should be able to get a quick and easy uncontested divorce in Selma, Alabama. Our Selma Divorce LawyersSelma divorce lawyers are currently offering discounted flat fees to help you obtain a cheap divorce in and around Dallas County, Alabama.

  • $290 for uncontested divorces without minor children of the marriage.
  • $390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage.

This does not include the filing fee that each county requires when a divorce is filed. The filing fee for Dallas County is about $212. If you live in Selma or the surrounding areas of Valley Grande, Orrville, or Elm Bluff, then you will likely be filing your divorce in Dallas County. Selma is the county seat of Dallas County with the county courthouse located in downtown Selma. If you want to get the uncontested divorce process started you can request us to mail or email you a questionnaire or you can fill one out online by going to our divorce questionnaire page. If you have additional questions then give us a call and speak with one of our local Selma divorce attorneys today.

Our Selma Divorce Attorneys

Divorce attorneys in SelmaThere are generally two ways to file for divorce, contested or uncontested. Uncontested divorces can be a simple and easy way to get divorcee’s in Dallas County, Alabama. In order to do an uncontested divorce you and your spouse have to be in complete agreement bout everything and there is nothing for a judge to resolve so the attorney fees can be cheap and you do not have to go to court in most circumstances. 

However, contested divorces can be a sour, frustrating, and challenging period for spouses. A contested divorce is where you just file a divorce without any agreement being reached. The other spouse is served and the two of you get attorneys who argue in court for what you each want. Eventually a judge has a trial where both parties present evidence and the judge decides all contested issues. Family law attorneys generally require a few thousand dollars for something called a retainer to get started on your contested divorce and they bill hourly out of this retainer as they do work for you. The longer the case takes, the more hours your attorneys work, and the more money they bill you.

In essence, dealing with your marital hassles, filing for divorce and paying your attorney, all can be a herculean task for a spouse physically and psychologically. In the long run, a contested divorce might not be worth the stress especially where an earlier amicable compromise between you and your spouse might have saved you time and money.

An uncontested divorce can be much easier. The two of you just sign an agreement and pay a local Selma divorce lawyer to prepare your paperwork for both of you to sign and return to us to file. Once filed, there are no hearings usually and you can receive your divorce decree within a month or two without going to court. Before filing your divorce, it is essential to consult an adept Selma divorce attorney with ample years of practice in that particular jurisdiction. This is owing to the fact of each county has their own local requirements that only a local divorce lawyer will be aware of. For instance, in Dallas County, where there are minor children in the marriage, both spouses sometimes need to complete a parenting course before a divorce decree can be finalized.

There are also certain document requirements that are particular to this county, and our Selma divorce attorneys are familiar with this and will ensure that all such local rules are followed.  In some cases, when a national document preparation company is retained to type up your documents they are not familiar with such local rules and this can cause your paperwork to be incomplete, resulting in a dismissal of your divorce.  However, our Selma divorce lawyers know these rules and will work with you to ensure that they are followed, and that you receive your divorce decree as quickly and easily as possible.

Contested Divorce Attorneys in Selma, Alabama

A contested divorce is when both parties cannot reach an agreement and the judge must decide all marital issues in the case.  This type of divorce is almost always more expensive. One spouse will have to file a complaint against the other, and then a hearing will be set so a judge can ultimately decide on your disagreements.

Filing for a contested divorce can be a hassle. Our contested divorce lawyers in Selma are here to help. Please bear in mind the attorney fees will most likely be higher than an uncontested divorce. This is due to the complex nature of a contested divorce, and if kids are included, the price will rise. We do require a retainer fee and our lawyers will bill hourly from it depending on the amount of work we perform.

Average contested divorce retainer fees in Selma are $1500 to $5000. However, the number can increase depending on if there are minor children in the marriage. Divorces, including children, are almost always more costly than those without.

Call our Selma divorce lawyers today to find out how much of a retainer we require upfront to get working on your case. Please let us know the details of your situation and if there are kids concerned so we can give you the most accurate quote possible. We are looking forward to hearing from you and getting to work on fighting for you in your contested divorce.