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Our Sumiton divorce lawyer is currently offering discounted fees for uncontested divorces in Walker County, Alabama.Jasper Divorce Lawyers

  • $290 for uncontested divorces without minor children of the marriage.
  • $390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage.

This does not include the filing fee that each county charges to file your divorce. The filing fee in Walker County is approximately $229, which includes a small convenience fee for filling online.

To get an uncontested divorce in Sumiton, you and your spouse must be in complete agreement about everything, such as property division, custody, child support, and all other marital issues. Since there are no contested issues in an uncontested divorce there are no hearings and it is usually not necessary to have an in-person meeting with the attorney preparing your divorce documents. Therefore, we can offer these discounted fees no matter where you are in the State of Alabama.

If you want to get the process started you can call and request that a questionnaire be sent to you or fill one out online by clicking on the button in the sidebar. If you have any questions feel free to call us and one of our divorce lawyers in Sumiton will be happy to speak with you.

Divorce Attorneys in Walker County, Alabama

For spouses seeking an uncontested divorce in Sumiton or the surrounding areas, a qualified and experienced Alabama divorce attorney is absolutely necessary to ensure that the process is handled correctly-especially one that is familiar with the local filing requirements in Walker County. Even in a cheap uncontested divorce it is essential that you have a local attorney help you file and prepare all the paperwork correctly. Cheap Divorce in SumitonEvery county has its own filing regulations and our Sumiton divorce lawyers are well-versed on the local requirements for an uncontested divorce in Walker County. Our Sumiton divorce attorney will make sure that you receive your decree as quickly and easily as possible.

To file for a divorce in Sumiton, you can either file an uncontested or contested divorce. An uncontested divorce is an easiest and most straightforward process since it means that the two parties have no conflicts and nothing to contest with each other. You will need to have reached an agreement with your spouse prior to filing this. The great thing about uncontested divorces is that there are no hearings needed since everything has already been agreed upon by the two parties.

The other option is a contested divorce. In a contested divorce, the case begins with a complaint being filed by one party and served to the other. After being served, the other spouse has thirty days to file their appropriate response.

Once a response is filed, then the two sides will need to reach an agreement or there will eventually be a trial. Following a trial, the judge will decide the contested issues for you. If no response is filed within thirty days of the spouse being served,  then you may be able to get something called a default divorce which makes a divorce without the other spouse’s participation possible. This is usually enacted when one spouse is unable to locate the other spouse in order to serve them. In this situation, you can opt for a default divorce called a divorce by publication. If you and your spouse are not in agreement or you do not know where they are located, then give our Sumiton divorce lawyers a call today.

How Much Is a Cheap Uncontested Divorce in Sumiton?

To get a cheap uncontested divorce in Sumiton, you and your spouse must be in agreement about all of your marital issues. When you retain us to handle your uncontested divorce, we will send you a questionnaire for you to fill out and return to us with the payment for the attorney fees. Our Sumiton divorce lawyers will prepare your documents and ensure that they comply with the county’s local requirements for an uncontested divorce. You will have unlimited phone and email access with Attorney Steven A. Harris, who can provide counsel concerning your marital dissolution. After you have received the uncontested divorce documents and are satisfied with their contents, then you and your spouse must sign and properly execute the documents and return them to our office with the filing fee.

Once we receive the paperwork signed by both parties, then one of our Sumiton and Sumiton lawyers will file your uncontested divorce. After about thirty days, the judge assigned to your case can sign your divorce decree. There is a thirty day waiting period for divorces in Alabama, so your divorce will not be able to be final until at least thirty days from the filing date.

Each county has their own clauses that they require in their uncontested divorce documents and some counties even have completely separate documents that are only required in that particular county. Some counties have their own unique local procedural requirements for uncontested divorces as well. Walker County has their own unique clauses that they require in divorce decrees and settlement agreements, as well as having special procedural requirements for filing your divorce paperwork. Our divorce lawyers regularly file cases in Walker County and are very familiar with their local requirements.

If you live in Sumiton, Carbon Hill, Dora, Parrish, or Sumiton then your divorce will likely be filed in the Circuit Court of Walker County. If you are in the Walker County area and wish to obtain a cheap and easy uncontested divorce, then give our Sumiton divorce lawyer a call today for more information at (205) 201-1789.

How Much Is a Contested Divorce in Sumiton?

Aside from just uncontested divorces, our firm also handles contested divorces. This is a more involved type of divorce that is recommended when the two parties in a marriage cannot come to a mutual agreement so one spouse serves the other with a Complaint. The served spouse then find a lawyer to help them file a response. The hearings following this are set and a judge is brought in to help settle and decide the disputes between the two parties, should you two not be able to come to an agreement otherwise. 

This type of divorce is more complicated and involved than a simple uncontested divorce so attorney fees will be higher. Our attorneys, like others in the industry, charge a retainer that is based on hourly work and the amount of work performed. How much you pay in the end depends on how quickly the marital issues in the divorce can be resolved. Because contested divorces tend to have a lot of back and forth, the attorney fees could get expensive.

The range most common for contested divorce fees is $1500 to $4000 or more, but of course this depends on how complex the issues involved are and how contested they will probably get. Should there be children of the marriage involved, then the retainers will definitely be more than divorces without children, however there are still other factors we consider in quoting you a retainer. We invite you to call our Walker County office today to have us go over the details of your case which will then allow us to determine how much of a retainer we would require up front to start work on your case.