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For couples that have resolved their marital issues prior to doing any legal processes should be able to get a quick and easy divorce in Hartselle, Alabama. Our Hartselle divorce lawyers are charging a low flat fee to handle your uncontested divorce. Hartselle Divorce LawyersIf you are in need of a cheap divorce in Hartselle or anywhere else in Morgan County, Alabama, then give our local attorney a call today at (256) 686-5532. 

  •  $290 for uncontested divorces without minor children of the marriage.
  • $390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage.

For this flat fee, our divorce lawyer will handle your uncontested divorce in Madison County, Morgan County, Limestone County, Athens, Lacey’s Spring, Decatur, and the surrounding areas of Northern Alabama. These rates don’t include the filing fee that each county requires to file your case. The filing fee for Morgan County is about $214.00, but if you live in another county then give us a call for the filing fee where you live. 

If you are not in agreement then you will need to file a contested divorce in Hartselle, Alabama. Since contested divorces take up an undetermined amount of time and work, they will require a retainer fee, which is an amount you pay the attorney hourly. Our retainers range from $1500 to $3000 or more, depending on your circumstances. If you need a Hartselle divorce lawyer to fight for you, then give us a call today for a quote.

Divorce Attorneys in Hartselle

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, we can help you file it properly with all the requirements. If it’s contested,  you can call and get a quote on the retainer required for your individual case. We do encourage our clients to opt for uncontested divorce whenever possible because the process for a contested divorce is much longer and more expensive than a Hartselle uncontested divorce. 

To be able to opt for an uncontested divorce in Hartselle, you and your spouse will need to agree on all your marital issues such as custody, child support, visitation, property division, and all other issues.  When you’ve both reached an agreement on everything, then you can have our Hartselle divorce lawyers complete and file the uncontested divorce for you. An uncontested divorce means our experienced divorce attorneys will prepare paperwork for you and your spouse to sign and return to us to file with the local court. Since the two of you have already reached (and signed) an agreement when the case is filed it is labeled an uncontested divorce in the system. If all of the proper paperwork has been signed and filed appropriately then the judge in your case just has to approve your agreement and sign your divorce decree. There is no going to court in most cases and you will usually receive your divorce decree by both mail and email in a month or two. This is the best way to obtain a quick and easy divorce in Hartselle or the surrounding areas of Morgan County, Alabama.

To get the process started, fill out our Divorce Questionnaire. online today. Once we receive the questionnaire and payment then our divorce lawyers in Hartselle will prepare your documents. A Morgan County uncontested divorce is mostly paperwork, so you will just need to have your spouse sign it so it can be filed by our office. You and your spouse will need to sign the paperwork and return it to us to file. Part of the documents you will return includes a settlement agreement which states the terms of your divorce that both of you have agreed to. Once they are signed and properly executed, then you mail the originals back to our office, along with the filing fee, and we will file your uncontested divorce in Morgan County, Alabama.Divorce Lawyers in Hartselle

Once filed, then because you have already signed an agreement and there are no contested issues the judge just has to sign your decree and there are usually not any hearings. We receive the divorce decree electronically (usually about a month or two after filing) and send it to you and your spouse. Many of the courts no longer send out paper originals in the mail but instead only send out the electronic copies.

An uncontested divorce in Hartselle is the cheapest and simplest way to get a divorce, but if you and your spouse are not in complete agreement then we can file your contested divorce for you as well. That is where you retain us to file your divorce with no agreement being reached. We file the Complaint for divorce, get your spouse served, and then see how your spouse answers your filing and act accordingly. If your spouse gets an attorney and files an Answer and Counter Claim, then our Hartselle divorce attorney will have to go through the Discovery process and litigate your issues in Court eventually. The retainer to get a contested divorce filed are much more than an uncontested since the attorney is working at an hourly rate and not preparing documents for a flat fee. If you have any questions about this then feel free to call our Hartselle divorce lawyers today.

Quick and Easy Uncontested Divorce in Hartselle

If you need a divorce attorney in Decatur, Hartselle, Priceville, Eva, Brooksville, Lacey’s Spring, or Moulton Heights then your divorce will most likely be filed in the Circuit Court of Morgan County. Our Hartselle divorce lawyers are aware of the local requirements in Morgan County, Limestone County, and all of the counties across the State of Alabama. So if you retain us to do your uncontested divorce our attorney will prepare all of the documents necessary to get your quick and easy divorce in whatever county you file in.

An uncontested divorce is mostly paperwork and is a quick and easy way to get a divorce in Hartselle, Alabama. For a low flat fee our divorce lawyer can prepare the papers for you and your spouse to sign and return to us to file with the court. As long as the judge approves your agreement then there should be no need for any hearings or court dates in an uncontested divorce. Our law firm has a Decatur office off of Highway 31 in the Greens Office Park in Hartselle. Our local Hartselle divorce attorney can help you through the process so that it goes as quick and easy as possible. For a cheap and easy divorce in Morgan County or the surrounding areas give us a call today.

 In an uncontested divorce, you don’t necessarily have to come into the office and meet with the attorney in person. Since it is mostly paperwork and you and your spouse have already done the hard work of reaching an agreement, a phone discussion or two can usually answer all of your questions before and during the process. If you have questions about an uncontested divorce in Morgan County then give our Hartselle divorce lawyers a call for a consultation.

Contested Divorce Lawyers in Hartselle

In addition to uncontested divorces, our legal team also takes on contested divorces. A contested divorce is a more involved form of divorce that is entered into when the two parties in a marriage are not able to come to a mutual agreement and one spouse serves the other with a Complaint. The served spouse then hires a lawyer to help them file a formal response. The hearings following this are set and a judge works to settle and decide the disputes between the two parties, if they are not coming to an agreement on their own. Attorney fees will be higher with contested divorce since it is more complicated and involved than a simple uncontested divorce. As is common practice in the field, our attorneys do charge a retainer that is based on hourly work and the amount of work performed. How much you pay in the end depends on how quickly the marital issues in the divorce can be resolved. Because contested divorces tend to have a lot of back and forth, the attorney fees could get expensive.

The range most common for contested divorce fees is $1500 to $5000 or more, but of course this depends on how complex the issues involved are and how contested they will probably get. Should there be children of the marriage involved, then the retainers will definitely be more than divorces without children, however there are still other factors we consider in quoting you a retainer.

We invite you to call our Hartselle divorce attorney today to have us go over the details of your case which will then allow us to determine how much of a retainer we would require up front to start work on your case.