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If you and your spouse have reached an agreement concerning child support, visitation, and all other issues from the marriage, then you can get a cheap and easy divorce. Filing an uncontested divorce is the easiest and simplest way to get a cheap divorce in Mobile, AlabamaCheap and Easy Divorce in Mobile, Alabama. Our Mobile uncontested divorce lawyers are currently offering discounted flat fees for uncontested divorces in Mobile County, Baldwin County, and throughout Alabama. 

$290 for uncontested divorces without minor children

$390 for uncontested divorces with minor children

If you live in Mobile or the surrounding areas of Prichard, Saraland, Chickasaw, Bayou La Batre, Dauphin Island, Gulfcrest, Grand Bay, Theodore, or Creola then you will likely be filing your divorce in Mobile County. Mobile is the county seat of Mobile County with the courthouse located downtown.

Each county charges a fee to file your divorce. The filing fee in Mobile County is about $208. Even in a simple uncontested divorce it is important to retain an Alabama attorney that knows the different requirements in each county. Many counties have varying local requirements and Mobile County is no different. This is why it is important to retain a divorce attorney that is licensed to practice law in Alabama and regularly files divorces in your county, since they will be familiar with such local rules.

In Mobile County there is an unusual local requirement. Someone called a Commissioner must be appointed to act as a kind of a notary on some paperwork in your case. It can be anyone other than you or your spouse. You must also have a witness to sign an affidavit stating certain facts such as the dissolution of your marriage, that they know you or your spouse, and other such marital information. The Commissioner must sign as witness to your signature on a document called the Testimony of Plaintiff and on the Testimony of your Witness. The Mobile County Courts have a parenting course requirement as well that each parent must complete and obtain a certificate of completion in order to get their divorce decree.

If you are ready to get the uncontested divorce process started then you can fill out and send us a divorce questionnaire online. Call our Mobile divorce attorneys today at (205) 201-1789 for more information about these and other requirements for a Mobile County divorce. 

Professional & Cheap Divorce in Mobile, Alabama

Cheap divorce in MobileWhen filing for divorce it is important that you retain a local Mobile divorce lawyer to counsel you through the process.  If you are interested in a contested divorce or a default divorce in Mobile County, then you can contact our office to discuss our fees and go over the process together over the phone. Contested divorces usually cost thousands of dollars in attorney fees and can take much longer than an uncontested divorce since the judge has to decide all of your issues at a full blown trial where both parties present witnesses and evidence in court. This can be very expensive and exhausting. 

If you are wanting a quick and easy divorce in Mobile, then you should consider doing an uncontested divorce. This process involves mostly paperwork as long as the two of you have agreed on every single marital issue. You would just need to fill out a questionnaire explaining what you’ve agreed to (along with additional information necessary to prepare all of the required forms and documents) and return it to us in order to get the process started.

Getting your uncontested or consensual divorce filed can be quick and easy. Once you and your spouse can reach a consensus about the issues arising from your marriage, a simple phone call and few details to any of our local divorce attorney is sufficient to get your quick and easy divorce.It is clear that filing an uncontested divorce is cheap and easy as long as you reach an agreement with your spouse before filing. If you have any questions about getting a quick and easy divorce in Mobile County, Alabama then give us a call today for more information.

Our Mobile Uncontested Divorce Attorneys

Our Mobile cheap divorce attorneys are currently charging a low flat rate of $290 to handle your uncontested divorce without minor children of the marriage and $390 if you do have minor children.  This does not include a filing fee that each county requires which is about $208 in Mobile County.

Even in a quick and easy uncontested divorce, each county can have different document requirements, so it is important to have a local divorce lawyer file your uncontested divorce in Mobile, Alabama.  Quick and Easy divorces in Mobile County, AlabamaWhen filing an uncontested divorce in Mobile County, you must adhere to the outlined rules of the County. Some of these local rules direct the use of unusual documents and a specific manner of execution that is different from other counties in the State of Alabama. Therefore when these rules are not fully complied with, your divorce will be dismissed and you will have to re-file it and pay another filing fee.

Therefore, whenever you patronize an online divorce document preparation program, you stand a huge risk of filing documents that do not meet the local Mobile County requirements. Our Mobile divorce lawyers are competent and acquainted in all the local rules and will exercise due diligence to make sure your divorce is filed and facilitated correctly.

Even though we do not have a local Mobile office, we can file your uncontested divorce in Mobile County since all divorces are filed electronically now. In an uncontested divorce our attorney can usually do a phone consultation and answer most of your questions without having to meet in an office. Since the uncontested divorce is mostly paperwork, we just get you the paperwork for you and your spouse to sign, execute, and return to us to file online and you will get your divorce decree about a month or two later without having to go to court at all. This is possible because you and your spouse have reached an agreement and there is nothing for a judge to decide. The judge just has to approve your agreement and as long as the rest of the paperwork is prepared according to the local rules and executed by you and your spouse properly, the judge can sign your divorce decree. The whole divorce process can be quick and easy as long as both of you are in agreement.

Our Birmingham office is located on Highway 280 and our divorce attorneys routinely file divorces in Mobile County. They are a member of the local Birmingham Bar Association and the Central Alabama Better Business Bureau.  If you call our Mobile divorce attorneys today, then we can answer any questions you may have, including helping to determine what courthouse to file your divorce in.