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If you and your spouse have reached an agreement concerning all issues arising from the marriage, then you may be able to get a quick and easy divorce in Daphne, Alabama. Filing an uncontested divorce is the easiest and simplest way to get a cheap divorce in Baldwin CountyDaphne divorce lawyers. Our Daphne divorce lawyers are currently offering discounted flat fees for uncontested divorces in Baldwin County and throughout the State of Alabama.

$290 for uncontested divorces without minor children

$390 for uncontested divorces with minor children

If you live in Daphne or the surrounding areas of Bay Minette, Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Robertsdale, Spanish Fort, Perdido Beach, Loxley, Summerdale, or Bon Secour, then you will likely be filing your divorce in Baldwin County. Bay Minette is the county seat of Baldwin County with the courthouse located downtown. Many counties have local requirements and Baldwin County is no different. This is why it is important to retain a local divorce attorney that is licensed to practice law in Alabama and regularly files divorces in Baldwin County, since they will be familiar with such local rules. Each county charges a fee to file your divorce. The filing fee in Baldwin County is about $236. Give our office a call today for the filing fee in your county. If you have any questions about an uncontested divorce then our Daphne divorce attorney will be happy to speak with you about the process.

Professional & Cheap Divorce in Daphne, Alabama

Daphne divorce attorneys If you are considering a quick and cheap divorce in Daphne then an uncontested divorce may be a good option. Uncontested divorces involve the preparation of paperwork that both parties sign and return to us to file. If both parties agree on all marital issues then we can prepare an agreement and all other paperwork for you and your spouse to sign, execute, and return to us to file for you electronically. Since everyone is an agreement, there are usually no hearings and your divorce decree can be entered fairly quickly in most cases. To start the process, our Daphne divorce lawyers request that you fill out a questionnaire and to supply us with the vital information needed to get your uncontested divorce paperwork prepared. Most questions can be answered over the phone since the issues are usually not very complex in an uncontested divorce, and an in-office consultation is not mandatory as long as you have reached an agreement already.

If the two of you are not able to reach a mutual agreement, then your next option would be a contested divorce. Contested divorces are when one party files for divorce asking the Court for what they want and serves the other party with the filing. The other spouse, once served, has a limited amount of time to respond with what they want. If they do not respond in a timely manner, then the filing party may be able to receive their divorce by default in Baldwin County, Alabama.  If the other party does respond, then there will usually be hearings set and a contested divorce will begin.  A contested divorce continues until both parties either reach an agreement as to all contested issues or have a trial and let the judge decide these issues for them. If you hire a local Daphne divorce attorney, then the attorney bills hourly for all the work they do during this time. This is why contested divorces can be so expensive, since attorneys usually charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their work performed. 

It is almost always cheaper and simpler to reach an agreement beforehand and file an uncontested divorce. However, if that is not possible then call our Daphne divorce lawyers to discuss the contested divorce process in Baldwin County.

Quick and Easy Uncontested Divorce in Daphne

In order to do an uncontested divorce in Daphne, Alabama you and your spouse must be in complete agreement about all of your marital issues. If you and your spouse are not in agreement, then you will have to file a contested divorce. This is filing for divorce without an agreement being reached and is much more expensive and time consuming. In a contested divorce your Daphne divorce attorney will represent you at a trial where the judge ultimately decides all of your contested issues for you.

Quick and Easy Divorces in DaphneEven in an uncontested divorce it is important to use a local Daphne divorce lawyer to prepare and file your paperwork since we are familiar with the local requirements. In Baldwin County, all uncontested divorces documents are required to contain specific language that is unique to that county. In addition to this, Baldwin County also has laid down regulations as to when and how divorce papers must be signed and filed.

In Baldwin County there is an especially unusual local requirement involving how signatures are witnessed. Someone called a Commissioner must be appointed to act as a kind of a notary on some paperwork in your case. It can generally be any unrelated person other than you, your spouse, or any other interested party. The Commissioner must sign as a witness to your signature on a document called the Testimony of Plaintiff. Also, the Baldwin County Courts have a parenting course requirement that each parent must complete and obtain a certificate of completion in order to get their divorce decree. Failure to observe these procedures can result in your uncontested divorce being dismissed. 

Using an online divorce document preparation program could result in an improper divorce filing that gets dismissed due to the lack of these local requirements being met. Our divorce lawyers are experienced with these local rules and will work hard to make sure your documents are filed correctly. Call us today for more information about the local requirements in your county.

Daphne is the county seat of Baldwin County with the courthouse located in downtown Bay Minette. Even though we do not have an office in Baldwin County, Alabama, we can still file your uncontested divorce for you since all divorces now are filed electronically. Since there are usually no court dates or hearings in uncontested divorces, we are able to charge a low flat fee and file your divorce anywhere in the State of Alabama. 

Our Birmingham office is located on Highway 280 and our local divorce attorney, Steven A. Harris, regularly files divorces in Baldwin County and throughout the State of Alabama. He is licensed to practice law in the State of Alabama, and is a member of the Birmingham Bar Association and the Central Alabama Better Business Bureau.  If you call our Daphne divorce attorney today, then we can answer any questions you may have, including helping to determine what courthouse to file your divorce in.