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Protecting Your Privacy in an Alabama Divorce

Divorce is a deeply personal matter, yet the legal process can sometimes feel like it places your private life under a microscope. In Alabama, where divorce proceedings can potentially become public record, protecting your privacy becomes not just a personal concern but a strategic necessity. This post aims to provide clear, actionable advice for those …

How is Child Support Calculated With 50/50 Custody?

Parents have a general responsibility to provide financial support to their children. As a general rule, it is the non-custodial parent—the parent without primary physical possession of the child—who is responsible for paying child support. This raises an important question: Can there still be child support with a 50/50 custody split? The short answer is …

Is Alabama a 50/50 Child Custody State?

For parents who are divorced or otherwise separated, dealing with custody can be complicated. Nothing should come between you and your relationship with your kids. You may be wondering: Is Alabama a 50/50 state for child custody? The short answer is “no”—while some form of joint custody split is presumed best for a child, a …

Questions to Ask a Family Law Attorney During a Consultation

Going through any type of family law case can be challenging. The Legal Information Institute describes family law as “the broad body of law that covers marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, domestic violence, reproductive rights, and other matters regarding family relationships.” If you are preparing for a consultation with a family lawyer, you will want …

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