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What are the 4 main differences between a contested and uncontested divorce

In Alabama there are two types of divorce, contested and uncontested divorce. Depending on your situation and the difficulties involved, one option might be more appropriate for you and your spouse than the other. This article will discuss the major differences between the two so that you can determine what type of divorce is right …

Can you Agree to no Child Support by Either Party in an Uncontested Divorce

There are many issues that require resolution when couples are going through an uncontested divorce, including but not limited to alimony and child custody. In Alabama, child support is generally a separately handled issue, though it does involve a number of legal processes and regulations.  While both parents are responsible financially for their child’s health …

Why Should You Get a Postnuptial Agreement

Many people have heard of prenuptial agreements — the legal pact that couples make prior to marriage that settles possible issues in the event of a divorce or other major life issues. Many couples draft these agreements in order to protect their assets and income, settle issues like child custody, and other common marital concerns.  …

How is Getting Divorced Online With No Court Possible

If you are looking into alternatives to traditional divorce, and a way to keep costs down, finding the right method can be fairly straightforward. Especially if both parties are in agreement about major issues that one typically encounters during a divorce. In Alabama, online divorces are an alternative to contested divorce, and it is both …

What is the Most Inexpensive Way to Get a Divorce in Alabama

Contested divorces are laborious and costly. If you are going through one, you can expect to be fighting over several major issues with your former spouse, and the costs can be considerable. In Alabama, the average cost of a contested divorce can be between $5000 to $10,000, with more difficult divorces running anywhere from $10,000 …

Top Five Ways to Make a New Holiday Tradition With Children After Your Divorce

Holidays traditions are important for families all across the country. There are food, presents, and the feelings of fellowship granted by being able to get together. While the holidays signify time with family, these traditions can be upset in cases of divorce. Not only has the family been separated, there are negotiations over who will …

How Do You Split Christmas Holidays When You Are Separated From Your Spouse

The holidays are a special time of the year, both for children and their parents. But there are times when the traditional family unit cannot be maintained for the holidays, and one of those times is when parents have become separated. This can be a difficult time for all involved — for the children who …

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