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Will a Bankruptcy Stop my Garnishment?

After filing a bankruptcy petition, the debtor will receive automatic relief or an automatic stay from their creditors. This relief prevents most creditors from contacting and continuing to collect debts like garnishments.  However, you will not receive relief from all types of creditors and debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not stop a debt for a...

Do I have go to Bankruptcy Court during the Pandemic?

Are you looking to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy during the pandemic? You can now attend your bankruptcy hearings from the comfort of your own home and have our Birmingham bankruptcy lawyer at the virtual hearing with you. To protect everyone involved, all bankruptcy courts have suspended in-person hearings.  Before the pandemic...

How to Get a Cheap Divorce in Homewood

It is easy to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Jefferson County as long as everyone is in agreement. After both spouses have signed the paperwork we can file it with the Court and get your divorce decree in about a month or two. This is a much faster than a contested divorce. A contested...

Can I Get an Online Divorce in Pelham

The quickest way to get an easy online divorce in Pelham, Alabama is an uncontested divorce. When both parties agree on all of the terms, such as how to divide all assets and debts, then they can get what is called a “no fault” or uncontested divorce. If you have minor children, you will also...

Getting a Cheap Uncontested Divorce in Dora

Can you get an uncontested divorce in Dora or anywhere else in Walker County that is both cheap and online? Sure, it is easy to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Walker County, Alabama as long as it is uncontested and everyone is in agreement. After both spouses have signed the paperwork we prepare and...

How Do Divorces Work in Lee County

Divorces in Auburn are handled by the Circuit Court of Lee County, Alabama. Each county has several different courts, sometimes in the same courthouse. In Lee County there is a District Court, which is used mainly for traffic offenses and misdemeanors. There is also a Circuit Court, and that is the highest court in the...

Contested Divorces in Gadsden

Marriage is essentially a contract in the eyes of the law. When both parties agree to terminate a contract, then it can usually go fairly smooth and quick. Same thing in an Etowah County divorce. When both spouses agree on the terms, that is called an uncontested divorce. Just like with all contracts, when at...

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