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Protecting Your Privacy in an Alabama Divorce

Divorce is a deeply personal matter, yet the legal process can sometimes feel like it places your private life under a microscope. In Alabama, where divorce proceedings can potentially become public record, protecting your privacy becomes not just a personal concern but a strategic necessity. This post aims to provide clear, actionable advice for those …

Divorce and the Impact on Estate Planning in Alabama

Divorce is a life event that brings about significant changes, not only in your personal life but also in your financial and legal affairs. One critical aspect that often gets overlooked during this tumultuous time is the impact of divorce on estate planning. In Alabama, as in many states, the ramifications of a divorce can …

Dating During Divorce in Alabama: Legal Considerations

Alabama law does not explicitly prohibit dating before your divorce is finalized, but it’s crucial to recognize how such actions can influence the proceedings. The state recognizes no-fault and fault-based grounds for a contested divorce. Engaging in a new relationship before the completion of your divorce could potentially be cited as evidence of adultery, one …

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