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What Are Prenuptial Agreements and Do They Help

Getting engaged and planning a wedding is a happy and exciting time for couples. In all their planning, however, many couples do not consider entering a prenuptial agreement. Although it may seem like an uncomfortable conversation to have while planning the happiest day of their lives, discussing a prenuptial agreement gives couples the opportunity to …

How Are Retirement Accounts Divided in a Divorce

A retirement account becomes marital property in a Montgomery County divorce at the point the spouses get married. The court then divides the account equitably. This does not always mean the account is split in half. A judge divides a retirement account based on the needs, education, age, and health of the spouses. It will …

The Risk You Take on By Representing Yourself in Court

When you’re taken to court, it can feel like a really good idea to try and save on expensive legal fees by deciding to represent yourself. After all, you know the case and you know what the circumstances are, so why not? You know what the end goal is. Self-representation in domestic relations court, criminal …

My Doctor Prescribed Me the Wrong Medication

When you visit the doctor’s office, you usually trust the diagnosis and subsequent prescription. However, what happens if you were prescribed the wrong medicine? Medical malpractice affects millions of Americans every year. So what can you do if it happens to you? Who Made the Mistake? If you were prescribed the wrong medication, your first …

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