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In a Divorce Can I Close on the House Without My Spouse Being Present

If we are going through a divorce in Birmingham, can I close on the sale of a house without my wife being present at closing? A property that is intended to be used as a primary residence in Alabama is known as a homestead. If a property is deemed to be a homestead, then there …

What is a QuitClaim Deed and Why do I Need One in a Divorce

 What is a quit claim deed and why do I need one if a house was acquired during the marriage but my spouse is not showing on the deed? A quitclaim deed in Alabama is a document that transfers ownership of an interest in a property from one party to another. The grantor is the …

How does a judge decide who gets the house in an Alabama divorce

How does a judge decide who gets the marital home in a divorce? The marital home is often the most valuable asset that a couple will have. It is the place where they both live and raise their children. This is why the marital home is often the most disputed asset in the course of …

How do I get my Husband off the Deed to my house in a divorce

How do I get my husband off of the deed to our marital home after our online divorce is over? Marital homes are often one of the most disputed marital assets in a divorce. This is due largely to the fact that in many cases, the marital home is the most valuable asset that the …

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