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How do I put my Baby Daddy on Child Support when we are not Married

How do I put my baby’s father on child support? There are many different reasons why you may need to get child support. Child support is a series of scheduled payments that is made by one of the parents. These payments are generally ordered by a court in order to make sure that the child …

What are the Child Support Guidelines and Can Couples Deviate from them in their Divorce Agreement

What are the Alabama child support guidelines and can couples deviate from them in their divorce agreement? The Alabama child support guidelines are governed by Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration and any Anniston divorce lawyer should be aware of them. The child support guidelines state that: “there shall be a rebuttable …

Can I Find My Ex-Husband in Contempt for Not Paying Child Support

Can I find my ex-husband in contempt for not paying child support that was ordered in the divorce? Child support is ordered by a court to be paid to one spouse from another spouse as a result of a divorce. Child support is supposed to be paid on time every week or every two weeks …

How is Child Support Calculated in Alabama

How is child support calculated in Alabama? Generally, there is a formula the Courts use. However, it is not that easy since when two parties have a minor child, their quick divorce can be a little more complicated. In addition to the division of their marital property, they will also have certain obligations regarding their …

Can you Agree to no Child Support by Either Party in an Uncontested Divorce

There are many issues that require resolution when couples are going through an uncontested divorce, including but not limited to alimony and child custody. In Alabama, child support is generally a separately handled issue, though it does involve a number of legal processes and regulations.  While both parents are responsible financially for their child’s health …

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