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Negotiating Custody Concerns During The Pandemic

Negotiating Custody Concerns During the COVID-19 Pandemic  A divorced parent interested in negotiating issues relating to COVID-19 during the pandemic should start by having a talk with their divorce attorney. The parent must make sure their attorney recognizes the concerns are valid. The parent must hear from their attorney, “I know this is not a …

How is Child Support Calculated in the State of Alabama

In the State of Alabama, both parents of a minor child are responsible for supporting their minor child. There are guidelines mandated by the State of Alabama which outline the amount of child support a parent should pay based on their monthly income. Each parent is required to pay a percentage of their minor child’s …

What Exactly is a No Fault Divorce and Why is it So Cheap

A no-fault divorce is a divorce in which neither spouse blames the other for the breakdown of the marriage. Instead, the marriage ends because of another reason, such as irreconcilable differences between the spouses or a lack of willingness to make the marriage work. A no-fault divorce may also occur when the spouses have been …

How Does Bankruptcy Stop a Foreclosure and Allow Us to Keep Our House

Filing for bankruptcy will stop the clock on a foreclosure, giving homeowners a period of months or years to determine their next step. The two types of personal bankruptcy are Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which usually lasts for three to four months, and a Chapter 13, which typically lasts for three to five years. Any delay …

How Google’s Consumer Apps Can Help with a Co-Parenting Plan

Crafting and sticking to a co-parenting plan is easier with software apps, which allow parents to create, describe, and track all types of data. Google’s free consumer apps provide parents with tools that allow quick, easy, and comprehensive collaboration. A parent can download all of the files they create to create paper documents for their …

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