Birmingham Divorce Lawyers & Bankruptcy Filings

Our bankruptcy and divorce attorneys in Birmingham can meet with you if necessary in our Shelby County office. The Harris Firm has an office on Highway 280 in Birmingham at the address below:

Harris Firm LLC
4000 Eagle Point Corporate Dr.
Suite 110
Birmingham, AL 35242
(205) 201-1789

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Birmingham

If you are considering bankruptcy then let our bankruptcy attorneys in Birmingham answer any questions you may’ve about the process. There are generally two types of bankruptcy for consumers to file. A Chapter 7 is usually for individuals who can qualify, do not have any unprotected property that would become part of their bankruptcy estate, and who have unsecured debt to discharge or eliminate. A Chapter 13 is generally used to restructure debts, avoid repossessions and foreclosures, to lessen payments to unsecured creditors for those that cannot qualify for Chapter 7, and to help with certain non-dischargeable unsecured debts. Bankruptcy Attorneys in Birmingham

We charge a flat attorney fee of $850 for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in Birmingham and such surrounding areas of Jefferson and Shelby County as Bessemer, Hoover, Gardendale, Homewood, Pelham, and Alabaster. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be preferable in many cases and is less expensive up front since the attorney fees are spread throughout the payment plan instead of being all paid up front.

If you live in Jefferson County or Shelby County then when your bankruptcy is filed you will have the Meeting of the Creditors or 341 Hearing in the U.S. Courthouse in downtown Birmingham. Give our Birmingham Bankruptcy Attorney a call today to discuss your options.

Divorce Attorneys in Birmingham

Our Birmingham Divorce Lawyer charges $290 for uncontested divorces with no children and $390 for uncontested divorces with minor children. An uncontested divorce is where both parties are in agreement as to all marital issues such as child custody, division of property, and child support. If you and your spouse are not in agreement and there are contested issues for a judge to resolve then you may not be able to file an uncontested divorce. Call our divorce attorneys in Birmingham today for a consultation over the phone or in person.Birmingham Courthouse

If there is no agreement, then any divorce that is filed would be contested. The attorney fees to file a contested divorce are much higher, generally thousands of dollars in retainer costs. We sometimes can bundle services and offer some type of flat fee discounted services for contested divorces and other family matters as well. 

If you are filing for a divorce in the Birmingham area then your case will likely be filed in the Jefferson County Domestic Relations Court in downtown Birmingham or the Shelby County Domestic Relations Court in downtown Columbiana. So give our divorce attorney in Birmingham a call today concerning your family law matter in the Jefferson County area.

Birmingham Estate Planning Attorneys

Our Birmingham estate planning attorneys are charging discounted flat fees for simple last will and testaments, powers of attorneys, living wills, and other such documents. We can also help with additional probate and estate issues by charging flat fees for most services such as setting up Trusts for children or handling additional matters in the Probate Court of Jefferson or Shelby County. 

Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Birmingham Personal Injury Lawyer can help you if you have ben injured as a result of an automobile accident, defective drugs, nursing home abuse, or trucking accidents. Call us today if you have suffered an injury as a result of negligence or neglect in Birmingham or the surrounding areas of Jefferson or Shelby County.