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How Does Bankruptcy Stop a Foreclosure and Allow Us to Keep Our House

Filing for bankruptcy will stop the clock on a foreclosure, giving homeowners a period of months or years to determine their next step. The two types of personal bankruptcy are Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which usually lasts for three to four months, and a Chapter 13, which typically lasts for three to five years. Any delay …

How Google’s Consumer Apps Can Help with a Co-Parenting Plan

Crafting and sticking to a co-parenting plan is easier with software apps, which allow parents to create, describe, and track all types of data. Google’s free consumer apps provide parents with tools that allow quick, easy, and comprehensive collaboration. A parent can download all of the files they create to create paper documents for their …

My Doctor Prescribed Me the Wrong Medication

When you visit the doctor’s office, you usually trust the diagnosis and subsequent prescription. However, what happens if you were prescribed the wrong medicine? Medical malpractice affects millions of Americans every year. So what can you do if it happens to you? Who Made the Mistake? If you were prescribed the wrong medication, your first …

Can I get divorced by Agreement and Not Go to Court

Yes, you can. Not every divorce requires court proceedings. There is usually no court if you and your spouse are in agreement about the particulars of the divorce, including:  Financial matters  The division of shared assets  Custody matters pertaining to children under 19 years of age  In this case, you can file for what’s known …

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