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Is an Uncontested Divorce the Same as a No Fault Divorce

If you’re looking into divorce options and currently trying to figure out what works best for yourself and your spouse, you’ve probably run into the terms ‘uncontested divorce’ and ‘no-fault divorce.’ Most uncontested divorces are no fault since they are usually claiming the grounds of divorce as irreconcilable differences and not something that is someone’s fault …

How Do I Keep My Divorce From Ruining My Credit

In an amicable uncontested divorce, how do you keep it from ruining your credit? The first step to maintaining your credit score after a divorce is final is communication. Talk with your former partner about maintaining your current credit score. That way, they know what your goals are. Part of good communication is letting your …

Does Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stop Lawsuits Filed Against Me?

Is someone suing you? Want to know if filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will stop it? Then you need a consultation with a local bankruptcy attorney to answer your questions. When you file a bankruptcy case, an automatic stay goes into effect upon filing. This prevents your creditors from performing any collection actions while the …

Do I have go to Bankruptcy Court during the Pandemic?

Are you looking to file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy during the pandemic? You can now attend your bankruptcy hearings from the comfort of your own home and have our Birmingham bankruptcy lawyer at the virtual hearing with you. To protect everyone involved, all bankruptcy courts have suspended in-person hearings.  Before the pandemic …

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