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 Truck Accident Lawyers

The commercial trucks involved in large and potentially deadly trucking accidents are governed by numerous federal regulations such as driver rest periods, specific driver logs, and required insurance coverage. Not only are these large vehicles dangerous due to their massive size and weight, but also due to their sometimes dangerous cargo.  If you have been the victim of a trucking accident then call our Alabama truck accident lawyers for a consultation in one of our Alabama locations currently including Montgomery, Anniston, Birmingham, and Huntsville.Alabama truck accident lawyers

These vehicles can carry flammable and hazardous materials which can result in respiratory injuries, chemical burns, fires, and chemical spills. One of the most common causes of trucking accidents are driver impairment or fatigue.

According to federal law, commercial truckers are allowed to drive their 18-wheelers for a continuous 11 hours of service (HOS) a day.  They must stop their trucks when they reach this mark, but it is not uncommon for drivers to begin to tire before this 11 hour mark and begin taking drugs to help them stay awake. This can create dangerous driving conditions, especially for the last hour or two before the 11 hour mark (where drivers are more susceptible to fatigue or impairment).

It is an unfortunate fact that most wrecks involving these huge vehicles and their cargo result in death or catastrophic injuries. The trucking companies are aware of this danger and are prepared in case of such incidents to immediately begin defending the driver and his employer, as well as the owner of the cargo and its distributor.

The trucker’s insurance adjuster will be very experienced at getting a settlement that is favorable to them, and not necessarily the victim.  If you suffer catastrophic injuries in such a trucking accident, then you should get an attorney and be justly compensated in order to pay for all of the expenses that your injuries might require (as well as the income that you will never obtain as a result of their negligence).

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Toxic Mold Lawyers

Mold inside buildings can cause serious injuries to individuals and/or damage to the building or property within it. Stachybotrys or black mold is a dangerous type of mold, and exposure to this and other types of mold indoors can cause lung damage, liver disorders, joint and chest pain, skin rashes, headaches, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, and even brain injuries.toxic mold lawyers

In order to grow and spread, mold needs moisture, which usually comes from such things as plumbing and window leaks, roof and stucco leaks, and drainage and grading problems.  It does not take long for mold to develop as it can develop on water damaged building materials in as little as 2 days.  Once the source is located, the process of removal can begin.

Once the mold is tested and it is confirmed that there is a mold problem, then the impacted area will be contained by using clear plastic.  Cleaners use Tyvek suits, respirators, and goggles, enter the area infested with mold and remove the water damaged materials and any remaining growth and place in sealed containers.  The mold laden building materials must be removed not just cleaned or painted over.  This process can be very expensive and the builders or sellers of the property may be liable for these costs.

Some common claims based on toxic mold would be that the seller failed to disclose its presence, bad faith claims by homeowners against their insurance company for failing to promptly process claims fairly, suing for the costs of mold remediation and decreased property value, and (in the case of tenants) constructive eviction.  If you have experienced property damage from toxic mold or you have become sick due to mold exposure then give our Alabama toxic mold lawyers a call for a consultation to discuss whether you might have a claim.