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Our Hoover divorce lawyers are currently offering a low flat fee for a non-contested divorce in Jefferson County.  We are charging $290 for uncontested divorces without children and $390 for uncontested divorces with children. There is also a filing fee that is charged by the county when a case is filed. Hoover Divorce LawyersThis filing fee varies from county to county, but in Jefferson County it is about $207, which includes a convenience fee for filing online. Give our Hoover divorce lawyer a call for more information about the filing fee in your county.

$290 for uncontested divorces without minor children of the marriage (does not include filing fee)

$390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage (does not include filing fee)

To get a quick and easy divorce in Hoover, you and your spouse must be in agreement about all your marital issues such as child support, division of property, and visitation. To get started with a cheap uncontested divorce you can fill out a questionnaire online at our divorce questionnaire page or contact us to send you one.   It is not always necessary to meet in our Hoover office and there are usually not any hearings due to an agreement already being executed.  However, our local Hoover divorce attorney can meet you in our Jefferson County office if you would like an in person consultation.

Divorce Attorneys & Lawyers in Hoover

In order to get a cheap divorce in Hoover, both parties must be in complete agreement and your spouse must be willing to sign the divorce papers that we prepare for you. The papers we prepare include a settlement agreement, which address all marital issues such as property distribution, custody, and child support.  Cheap and Easy Hoover DivorcesAs long as both of you are in agreement and willing to sign paperwork and return to us to file in a timely manner, then you can get an uncontested divorce in Hoover or the surrounding areas of Jefferson County, Alabama.

Since you both have signed and executed the settlement agreement prior to the case being filed, the judge just has to approve your agreement and that can usually be done without any hearings.  In Alabama, there is a waiting period of thirty (30) days before the judge can enter your divorce decree. As long as both of you sign the paperwork we prepare and return it to us to file, then about thirty days after filing we will get the divorce decree to the judge to sign. Once the decree is entered and you are officially divorced then we will get you and your spouse the divorce decree by email and mail.

If you want to file a quick and easy divorce in Hoover then you should get a local divorce lawyer in Jefferson County to help. The judges in most counties have their own local requirements and rules when filing uncontested divorces. Our Hoover divorce attorney knows these local rules and will prepare the paperwork properly, ensuring that it goes through without any issues and you get your divorce decree in a timely manner.

If a couple is not in agreement, then one of them would have to file a contested divorce to get the process started.  In a Hoover contested divorce, there is no agreement and you both just ask for what you want in your pleadings. If a resolution cannot be reached, then it goes to trial and a judge ultimately decides your contested issues such as custody, property distribution, and child support.

Divorce lawyers in Hoover usually will require something called a retainer up front to file a case for you. They will keep this payment in a special account called a Trust Account and bill from it at an hourly rate. The more work they do on your case, the more money you will have to put into the Trust Account eventually. The up front retainers for Jefferson County contested divorces can range anywhere from $1500 to $5000 or more, depending on if there are children of the marriage or not. If you are interested in a contested divorce in Hoover, then call us for more information where you live.

Quick and Easy Uncontested Divorces in Hoover

As long as both parties agree about all marital issues then you can try to get a cheap and easy divorce in Hoover, Alabama. Our local Hoover divorce attorneys are charging $290 in uncontested divorces without minor children of the marriage and $390 with children. Hoover Divorce AttorneysThere is also a filing fee and in Jefferson County that fee is about $206. Give us a call for more information about the filing fee in your county.

To get started with an uncontested divorce where you live, you would need to fill out a divorce questionnaire letting us know what you and your spouse’s agreement is. Then our Hoover divorce lawyer will prepare your paperwork for you and your spouse to sign, properly execute, and return to us to file. Once it’s filed you should receive your decree in about six to eight weeks. No going to Court in most cases, as long as the paperwork is prepared properly in the beginning.

If you are interested in a divorce and live in Hoover, Vestavia Hills, Homewood, Trussville, Bessemer, Gardendale, Fultondale, Roebuck, Birmingham, or the surrounding areas of Jefferson County, Alabama then call us today to speak with our local divorce attorney about your case. We will be happy to explain the uncontested divorce process and go over your options with you in person or over the phone. Call our Hoover divorce lawyers today for more information.

Contested Divorce Lawyers in Hoover

If you and your spouse are not able to come to a mutual agreement on your own, you would then need to opt for a contested divorce. This means one spouse serves the other with an official Complaint and the served spouse hires an attorney to help them file a response. This begins the process, then hearings are set and a judge will  decide your disagreements if the two of you cannot do so on your own.

Divorce Attorneys in HooverOur experienced contested divorce attorney is here to fight for those in the Hoover area in need of divorce representation. It is important to note, however, that contested divorces are much more expensive than an uncontested divorce. As is common practice, divorce lawyers require a retainer for such services. Our contested divorce attorney in Hoover bills clients hourly, so how much they pay falls on how much work is performed and how long it all takes. To give a ballpark figure, contested divorces usually range from $1500 to $5000 or more but of course this depends on how complex the issues involved are and how contested they get. Should there be minor children of the marriage, then the retainers are more than divorces without children. However, this is not the only factor that can affect complexity, duration and cost of the retainer.

To get an idea of the retainer required for your case, feel free to contact our office. After a quick phone consultation with our divorce attorney, we will quote you a fee that takes into account any special circumstances and details such as minor children, assets or other potentially complex issues involved. Give our Hoover divorce attorney a call today for more information!