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If you and your spouse have already reached an agreement concerning all of your marital issues such as custody, child support, visitation, and property distribution,  then you should be able to get a quick and easy uncontested divorce in Houston County, Alabama. Our Dothan divorce attorneysDothan divorce lawyers are currently offering discounted flat fees to help you obtain a cheap divorce in Dothan, Alabama.

  • $290 for uncontested divorces without minor children of the marriage.
  • $390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage.

If you live in Dothan or the surrounding areas of Gordon, Cowarts, Cottonwood, Ashford, Webb, Taylor, or Webb, then you will likely be filing your divorce in Houston County. Dothan is the county seat of Houston County with the courthouse located in downtown Dothan. Many counties have particular local requirements for filing an uncontested divorce and Houston County is no different. This is why it is important to retain a divorce attorney that is licensed to practice law in Alabama and regularly files divorces in Houston County, since they will be familiar with these local rules.

Each county charges a fee that we must pay when we file a divorce. Therefore you will have to pay for this filing fee in addition to the attorney fees if you want us to file the signed paperwork for you after both parties have properly executed the papers. The filing fee in Houston County is about $223. If you want to get the process started you can request us to mail or email you a questionnaire or you can fill one out online by going to our divorce questionnaire page. If you have additional questions then give us a call and speak with one of our local Dothan divorce attorneys today.

Our Dothan Divorce Lawyer

Dothan divorce attorneysGoing through a divorce can be a lengthy, bitter, and exhausting process. Many spouses worry about having their life put on hold while they wait for a court date, while also paying their divorce lawyers thousands of dollars in retainer fees. Filing for divorce, and in the meantime having to deal with the ongoing battle between both spouses and their attorneys, can be quite cumbersome to handle, many times not being worth the energy and money involved. If an agreement can be reached in the beginning, it could save a lot of hassle, time, and money.

Before instituting any legal proceeding, it is a smart move to consult a local Dothan divorce attorney in your location who is vast, well-trained and acquitted with the practice of that jurisdiction. Filing a divorce without an agreement is sometimes called a contested divorce. This is very expensive since the divorce attorney will have to go to court and advocate for you at hearings. Most divorce lawyers will require thousands of dollars in retainer fees up front to file such a case for you. The attorney then bills hourly so that the longer the divorce lasts the more expensive it will be. 

An uncontested divorce is much easier and cheaper. It is where the two of you reach an agreement and we file your agreement so that the judge has no contested issues to resolve. In an uncontested divorce there are usually no hearings and it is not always necessary to actually meet with our Dothan divorce lawyer, with most consultations being done over the phone. However in Houston County, there is an unusual local rule that must be followed even in uncontested divorces.

In Houston County the Plaintiff has to physically go to the clerk’s office to give testimony at the courthouse. In most counties you can give testimony by signing an affidavit and filing it electronically with the Court. The judge uses this as the evidence that allows them to grant your divorce without ever having to go to court. Lastly, there are other core requirements demanded by this county which can only be within the exclusive knowledge of an attorney practicing in that jurisdiction. Therefore, getting your divorce paperwork done from a national online company or an inexperienced attorney would put you at risk of getting defective documents for filing. Our Dothan divorce lawyers are very experienced with these rules and in an uncontested divorce we can ensure you get your divorce decree as soon as quickly and easily as possible.

Professional Uncontested Divorces in Dothan, Alabama

There are usually two ways to file for divorce in Houston County, Alabama, uncontested or contested. You can file a simple uncontested divorce if you and your spouse have reached an agreement as to all of your marital issues. If such an agreement has not been reached, and does not seem possible, then a contested divorce will need to be filed. Our Dothan divorce lawyers can help you with this, but the attorneys fees are much more than in an uncontested divorce. To begin the contested divorce process, we will file a document called a Complaint for you and have your spouse served with this filing.

The served spouse will then file a document called an Answer and a date for hearing will be fixed to enable both parties and their attorneys to argue their cases in front of the judge. If you have any questions or you want more details, feel free to call our office to speak to a Dothan divorce lawyer for assistance. To commence filing your contested divorce, we may have some in-office time with you in our Montgomery office. However, if you want to file an uncontested divorce, an over the phone interaction will usually be sufficient.

Our local divorce attorney regularly files divorces all across the State of Alabama. He is a member of the local Montgomery Bar Association, the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, and the Central Alabama Better Business Bureau. No matter what type of divorce you are seeking, we can usually quote you a flat fee instead of the traditional hourly based billing that most law firms use. If you have any questions about filing for divorce in Houston County, then give our Dothan divorce attorneys a call today for a consultation in person or over the phone.

Contested Divorces in Dothan, Alabama

For divorce cases in which the two parties cannot come to mutual agreement on their marital issues, the next step is a contested divorce. In a contested divorce, you would file a complaint and have it served to your spouse. They would need to enlist a divorce lawyer on their side to file an official complaint. After this, the dates for the hearing are set and a judge is assigned. The judge ends up deciding your disagreements for you if you cannot do so on your own. For anyone needing contested divorce services in Dothan, our contested divorce attorney is here to help.  It is, however, much more expensive to do a contested divorce than an uncontested one. That is because like most divorce lawyers, we require a retainer for such services and our attorney will bill hourly from it depending on the amount of work performed. So depending on how long it takes to resolve your marital issues in the divorce, the attorney fees could get expensive.

Retainer fees for contested divorces normally range from $1500 to $5000 or more, but of course it all depends on the complexity of the issues involved and how contested they will probably get. If there are minor children of the marriage, then the retainers are more than divorces without children, but there are other factors we consider in quoting you a retainer.

To get an estimate of how much your retainer fees would be to begin working on your case, feel free to reach out to us for an intial consultation. We’ll gather the details of the case to help us formulate a quote. We’ll need to know details such as if there are any significant assets that haven’t been decided upon in the marriage or if there are any children involved. Because of the higher cost and longer process of contested divorces, this is why we let our clients know that uncontested divorce is almost always cheaper and easier than a contested one.