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Our Prattville divorce lawyer can help you whether you need an uncontested or a contested divorce attorney in Autauga or Elmore County. A contested divorce is any divorce that is filed where there is no agreement already signed by the parties. It is much more expensive than an uncontested divorce and can take longer for our divorce attorney to get your divorce decree since all issues the two of you are not agreeing to have to ultimately be resolved by the judge in your case.

Prattville Divorce LawyersAn uncontested divorce is much simpler and easy if you can get your spouse to agree to all marital issues. Our Prattville divorce attorneys are currently offering discounted attorney fees to help you get a cheap divorce in Autauga County. If you and your spouse have already reached an agreement then you may be able to get a quick and easy divorce in Autauga or Elmore County.

  • $290 uncontested divorce without minor children
  • $390 uncontested divorce with minor children

There is also a filing fee that each county charges to file your divorce. When you call us just ask and we will be happy to let you know the filing fee for your particular county. The filing fee for Autauga County is about $253, which includes a convenience fee for filing online.

To get the process started you can fill out and send us a divorce questionnaire online by going to the link on the right hand side of the page or call our office to request us to mail or email you one. You will need to get us the questionnaire and pay attorney fees either online with a credit card or by mailing us a check or money order. Call our divorce attorneys in Prattville today at (334) 315-3933 for more information about filing for divorce.

Divorce Lawyers in Prattville, Alabama

When you retain a local Prattville divorce lawyer, your divorce will usually be filed in the county where you live.  Therefore, if you live in Prattville then you will be likely filing your uncontested divorce in Elmore County or Autauga County.  Even in simple no fault or uncontested divorces, each county in Alabama has their own local rules that must be followed in order for the judge to sign your divorce decree. 

In a contested divorce the motions, documents, and other filings can be quite complex and numerous due to the fact that there is no agreement and the parties are on opposite sides of certain marital issues. Therefore, the attorney fees are much higher than an uncontested divorce. In contested divorces, the attorney is paid something called a retainer. A retainer is a lump sum amount paid by the client to the Prattville divorce lawyer which the attorney bills out of at an hourly rate until it is gone or the case is over. The attorneys keep the retainer in a special account called a Trust account and hold it there as the Trustee of your money. As the divorce attorney works they bill and keep up with their hours on the case and eventually transfer the money they earned from the Trust account to the law firm’s operating account.

This retainer process is how almost all divorce attorneys work, but many law firms vary on how much they require up front to get your case started. To get a quote from our Prattville divorce lawyer you have to call and we can quote you a retainer fee based on your particular circumstances. Our retainers for contested divorces can range from $1500.00 to $3000.00 or more, depending on if there are children of the marriage, substantial assets, or other issues requiring more of the attorney’s time.

The more time the attorney foresees having to work on your case, the higher the up front retainer will be. Our Prattville divorce lawyers generally try to keep them as low as possible as long as there are no seriously contested issues, no children, and no substantial assets, but call us today to get a quote from our divorce attorney over the phone.  There are many local requirements in contested divorce matters, but the types of filings and pleadings can vary greatly depending on your particular case. Divorce Attorney in Prattville This description of filing for divorce in the Prattville area, will mainly just address the uncontested divorce process of filing in these counties since the pleadings are almost always very similar when an agreement has been reached. 

In order for a case to be uncontested, there will need to be an agreement reached, and properly signed by both parties when the divorce is filed.  Since an agreement has been reached, there are no contested issues when the divorce is filed with the court and that is why it is called an uncontested divorce.  In these types of cases, there are common forms and documents to be prepared and entered by our Prattville divorce attorney but there are also regional requirements for each county.  In almost all no fault divorce actions there will usually be an Answer, Complaint, Settlement Agreement, Testimony, and Acknowledgment of Representation.  If there are minor children of the marriage then there will be child support forms and usually custody affidavits as well.

These documents are usually required in all counties, but our divorce attorneys in Prattville know the local requirements.  Some examples of this are where one county might want language in the agreement that another county might not require, they may want certain documents filed prior to other documents, some might want a document notarized while another may want it merely witnessed, and some counties have their own special documents and procedures to follow that may require additional filings. 

When you retain our Prattville divorce lawyer to fight for you, we will discuss these requirements with you so that you understand exactly what documents you are signing and what the requirements are that we will be following when your case is filed.  We stay informed of the latest changes to the local rules so that we are not caught off guard when certain requirements are changed or altered in the future.  This is why it is important to obtain a Prattville divorce lawyer to handle your case, so that everything is filed in accordance with the local rules.

Uncontested Divorce in Prattville, Alabama

Id you want an easy divorce, then an uncontested divorce is the best option. There are certain local requirements if you have our divorce attorneys in Prattville file your uncontested divorce in Autauga County or the Elmore County Courts.  Our local Prattville divorce lawyers regularly file cases here and are familiar with such rules.  In Elmore County, there is specific language that they require in their divorce decrees and agreements, and in there has been a parenting course requirement where there are minor children of the marriage.  Cheap Uncontested Divorces in PrattvilleThis means that if you have minor children of the marriage, then in order to receive your divorce decree, you and your spouse will have to attend and complete a Transitions in Parenting course and receive a certificate of completion.  Once you have done this, our Prattville divorce attorney will file your certificate in the case.  This is something that is not required by all counties, and is unique to this particular court. 

In Autauga County, there is also specific language that they require in their agreements and affidavits, but, unlike Elmore County, they do not require a parenting course.  If you are filing a contested divorce, then you will likely have hearings set in your case.  All hearings in divorce cases filed in Autauga County are usually held in the Autauga County Courthouse located in downtown Prattville, Alabama.  In such contested divorce cases, these hearings will almost always continue until either both sides reach an agreement or a judge decides the contested issues at trial.

When any divorce is filed, there is a filing fee that must be paid to the courts.  Each county’s filing fees are different, with Autauga County being about $250 and Elmore County being about $240.  These amounts are subject to change periodically as the counties amend these fees, and there are surcharges that are added to them for filing electronically, but this is approximately what the filing fees are in these counties.  If you would like to know the exact amount for the filing fee in your county, feel free to call our Prattville divorce lawyers and we will be happy to provide you with this information. 

Our attorney regularly files divorce cases in Prattville and the surrounding areas of Autauga County.  Our Prattville office is located on East Main Street right down the road from the CVS Pharmacy. If you have any questions about the requirements in your area, then call our office today to speak our local Prattville divorce lawyer over the phone, or in person, and let us explain the local process for filing a divorce in Autauga County.

Contested Divorce Attorneys in Prattville

Apart from uncontested divorces, the other way to file for divorce is a contested divorce.  Contested divorce deals with the instances when spouses cannot come to an agreement on their own so one spouse serves the other with an official Complaint. When the spouse is served, they find a Prattville divorce lawyer to help them file a response to be being served. Prattville Divorce AttorneysFollowing this, hearings are set and a judge takes on the responsibility of deciding the dispute if the parties cannot resolve such issues.

This type of divorce is much more costly than an uncontested one. Like most divorce lawyers in Prattville, we do require a retainer for contested divorce services. Our Prattville divorce attorney bills hourly out of the retainer that you pay. Since contested divorces usually take longer than uncontested due to the intricacies and complications in the case, a retainer can be fairly high. The amount of the retainer is dependent upon the amount of work performed. Essentially the longer it takes to settle your divorce, the more it will cost.

Contested divorce retainers normally range from approximately $1500 to $5000 or more, depending on how complex the divorce issues involved are as well as how much opposition they come up against. Cases involving minor children in the marriage tend to cost more but there are also other factors taken into account when you are being quoted for the retainer.

To begin working on your case, our divorce attorney will need a retainer front so feel free to call the office for an initial consultation to find out how much we will need for your specific case. You will have a brief consultation with our divorce attorney or their assistant before we can give you a retainer quote. Call our Prattville divorce lawyer today for a quote.