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Our Pelham divorce lawyers are currently charging a low flat fee for an uncontested divorce in Shelby County, Alabama. As long as one or both of you reside in Pelham, then your divorce will usually be filed in Shelby County. If you need a divorce lawyer in Pelham or the surrounding areas of Helena, Chelsea, Calera, Vincent, Montevallo, or Columbiana, then you will likely be filing your divorce in Shelby County. Columbiana is the county seat, with the courthouse located in downtown Columbiana. Divorce Attorneys in Pelham

  • $290 for an uncontested divorce with no minor children. 
  • $390 for an uncontested divorce with minor children.

There is also a fee that is charged when a divorce is filed. This filing fee varies from county to county, but in Shelby County it is about $291, which includes a small convenience fee. Give our Pelham divorce attorney a call today for more information about the filing fee in your county.

Getting a cheap divorce in Pelham requires that you and your partner completely agree on all marital issues such as child support, custody, visitation and division of property. We can email or mail you a questionnaire or it can be filled out online divorce questionnaire page. Owing to the fact that both parties have already reached an agreement, a meeting in our office will likely not be necessary since there won’t be any hearings. That allows us to charge a low flat fee, irrespective of where you reside in Alabama. However, our office is located in Shelby County in case you need an in person consultation with our attorney.

Cheap Divorces in Pelham

Should you plan to file an uncontested divorce in Pelham, retaining a local divorce attorney with vast knowledge of Shelby County’s local requirements is essential. Nearly every county has its local requirements and could even have demands for the use of precise language in the legal documents.  Pelham Divorce LawyersOur Pelham divorce lawyers have handled and filed countless uncontested divorces in Shelby County; and are seasoned and highly familiar with the requirements on the local level. 

When both you and your spouse reach an agreement and sign the documents prior to the divorce being filed, that is known as an uncontested divorce. Since a settlement agreement is filed with the divorce, all the judge has to do is approve the agreement and issue your divorce decree, which is usually done without any hearings or court dates. This divorce decree is usually issued about a month or two after the case is filed.

Filing for divorce any other way is called a contested divorce. This is where you file a divorce without any agreement being reached and have your spouse served with the Complaint. Once they are officially served, they usually obtain an attorney and file a response. There are hearings set and the judge will ultimately decide your issues if the two of you cannot come to some agreement. Divorce lawyers usually are paid a retainer and they bill hourly from it depending on the amount of work they have to do. So depending on how long it takes to resolve your marital issues in the divorce, the attorney fees could get very expensive. This is the reason an Pelham uncontested divorce is almost always the cheaper and easier.

Divorce Attorneys in Pelham

To get a cheap divorce in Pelham, the two of you must be in agreement. You will be required to fill out a questionnaire either online or by mail to begin the uncontested divorce process in Pelham. Once you have met our requirements by paying your fees and returning the questionnaire you filled out, we then proceed with the preparation of the documents and afterward, send them to you.

After you have attended to the documents, you will then send back the properly signed and notarized documents alongside the filing fee to us for filing. Your divorce decree will be received in about a month or two usually. Currently, the decrees are electronically entered by courts in most counties.

If you are not in agreement then you will have to file a contested divorce. The retainers for contested divorces start at $1500 and can be much higher, depending on if you have children of the marriage or other factors. To file a contested divorce you have to pay this retainer and our attorney will begin working on your case and billing you at an hourly rate. The longer the case goes without the parties reaching an agreement, or the judge deciding the issues for you, the more expensive it can be. If no agreement can be reached, then the judge will eventually have to decide your issues at trial. 

If you need a divorce attorney in Hoover, Pelham, Birmingham, Calera, Helena, Chelsea, Columbiana, Leeds, Montevallo, Pelham, Vestavia Hills, Wilsonville, or Harpersville then your divorce may be filed in the Circuit Court of Shelby County or Jefferson County. If you are in the City of Pelham or the surrounding areas of Shelby County and want a quick and easy divorce, then give our local divorce lawyer a call today for more information.