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If you and your spouse have already reached an agreement concerning the division of assets, custody, child support, and all other marital issues then our Auburn divorce lawyer can get you a cheap and easy uncontested divorce. If you are not in agreement then a contested divorce will need to be filed and we can file it for you as well. However, a contested divorce is much more expensive and takes much longer to complete.Auburn Divorce Lawyers If you are in agreement then you can get a quicker uncontested divorce in Alabama. Our discounted attorney fees for uncontested divorces are listed below.

  • $290 for Auburn uncontested divorces with no children.
  • $390 for Auburn uncontested divorces with children.

These prices are for the attorney fees only. They do not include the filing fee that must be paid when the case is actually filed with the court. Each county charges their own fee to file a divorce there. In Lee County, the filing fee is about $308.00, which includes a small convenience fee for filing online. In comparison, the filing fee in Tallapoosa County, Alabama is approximately $201.00. Give us a call to find out the filing fee where you live.

If you are interested in getting the process started, then just fill out our questionnaire by clicking on the sidebar. Once we get your questionnaire we will usually call or email you very quickly to go over it and get your documents to you to sign. You can always call our office anytime at (334) 782-9938 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

What is an Auburn Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is when there is an agreement already reached at the time the case is filed. Since an agreement concerning all marital issues such as custody, child support, and division of property has been reached there are no contested Auburn Divorce Attorneyissues for a judge to resolve. Therefore, the judge only has to approve your agreement which can usually be done without a hearing. In an uncontested divorce, your divorce decree can be received without ever having to go to court. 

That is why divorce attorneys in Auburn or Opelika can charge lower flat fees for an uncontested divorce because it is mostly just paperwork and there are no hearings in most cases. When you pay us the attorney fees then we prepare and send you your uncontested divorce documents for both of you to sign and return to us to file.

You also must pay the filing fee in order for us to file the case for you. Once it is filed, the judge must wait thirty days to sign your divorce decree. Since there are no issues for the judge to resolve, there is generally no need to go to court at any point in the process. Call our divorce attorneys today at (334) 782-9938  for a cheap divorce in Auburn.

To get the process started, you can fill out the divorce questionnaire on the website by going to the divorce questionnaire page and filling it out. We can also email or mail you a questionnaire for you to fill out and return by email, fax, or mail. Either way, once we get this questionnaire back from you then you can pay the attorney fees online by credit card or by sending a check or money order in the mail. We charge $290 for our attorney fees in uncontested Opelika Divorce Lawyersdivorces without children. We charge $390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage. 

When the payment has been made and we have the questionnaire, then the process can get started. Our Auburn uncontested divorce attorney can answer any question you may have at this point. After all questions and concerns are addressed, then we prepare your documents. Included in your uncontested divorce document is a settlement agreement between you and your spouse. It is this agreement that both of you will sign that makes the divorce uncontested.

Our office will email or mail you the documents. They are sent with instructions on how you and your spouse are to sign and properly execute them. However, you can also call or email our us anytime with questions. After signing the documents, you will need to return them with the filing fee. Once our office receives this, we will file your Auburn uncontested divorce.

Once the uncontested divorce is filed the judge will usually sign your divorce decree in about a month or two. When it is final, your divorce decree is mailed out to you and your spouse. There are usually no hearings or court dates in most uncontested divorce cases in Auburn or Opelika.

Cheap Divorces in Auburn and Opelika

If you live in the City of Auburn, Opelika, Smiths Station, or parts of Phenix City then your divorce will likely be filed in the Circuit Court of Lee County. Like all counties, Lee County has their own local document requirements in all divorce cases. Our Auburn divorce attorney is familiar with these local rules and can help make sure the whole uncontested divorce process is as quick and easy as possible. 

If both parties are communicating and agreeable, then the process can be quick and easy. However, if you do have questions, then our Auburn divorce attorney is always available.  We are available throughout the process for you to call or email with any questions or concerns. Call us today at (334) 782-9938 to file for a divorce in Auburn or anywhere else in Lee County.

Contested Divorce Attorney in Auburn

If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement and go with an uncontested divorce, you will have to go with the contested divorce route. Our legal team does handles contested divorces, however we emphasize that our clients understand how involved this type of divorce is. When two parties parties cannot settle on a mutual agreement, one spouse serves the other with a Complaint. Divorce Attorney in Lee CountyThe person who was served enlists a divorce lawyer to help them file a response to the Complaint.

Following this, there will be hearings scheduled and a judge is brought in to help settle and decide the disputes in case you two still don’t come to an agreement otherwise.  Contested divorce is complicated and more involved than a straightforward uncontested divorce which is why attorney fees will be higher. Industry standard involves a retainer fee for the lawyer’s services that is based on hourly work. This means the amount ad the complexity of the work performed dictates how much you pay in the end. Because contested divorces tend to have a lot of back and forth, the attorney fees can become quite costly.

The price range for contested divorces ranging anywhere from $1500 to $5000 or more, depending on the types of issues that arise and whether any kids were had during the marriage or not. Usually, having children of the marriage involved means retainers are higher than divorces without children, however there are still other factors we consider in quoting you a retainer. We invite you to call our office today to have us go over the details of your case which will then allow us to determine how much of a retainer our Auburn divorce lawyer will require up front to start work on your case.