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If you are in over your head, weighed down by debt and searching for some relief, our Scottsboro bankruptcy lawyers are here for a consultation in person or over the phone.  Currently, our Scottsboro bankruptcy attorneys charge $850 for most Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in Jackson County and the surrounding areas.Scottsboro Bankruptcy Attorneys There is a $335.00 filing fee that the Bankruptcy Court charges when the case is filed.

Also, there is a small fee for pulling your credit report (usually around $30), and there are 2 courses (a debt management and a credit counseling course) that you must complete. The combined cost for both courses are around $45 and each one usually takes about an hour to do online.

To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy the combined costs (including attorney fees, filing fees, and all additional fees) will usually be about $1260 with our Scottsboro bankruptcy lawyer.  For a case with no assets, then a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a fairly simple process. The main considerations in a Chapter 7 are qualifying to file and making sure that all of your assets are protected. Qualifying to file is based on your household income and family size. If you cannot qualify for bankruptcy in Jackson County then you will have to file Chapter 13. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is where you set up a payment plan to pay back some or all of your creditors over a three to five year period. Call our Scottsboro bankruptcy lawyer today for more information.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Scottsboro

Our Scottsboro bankruptcy lawyer can go over your specific financial situation with you and help you determine if filing bankruptcy is right for you and your family.  When you call our office, you can receive an initial consultation over the phone or in our Huntsville office on Memorial Parkway. Jackson County Bankruptcy AttorneysIf you are considering a bankruptcy in Jackson County, Alabama, get in contact with us.

For those with overwhelming debt, the United States Bankruptcy Courts are in place to help provide debt relief. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy means you can completely eliminate your unsecured debts ( or debts with no property securing them) such as credit cards, and medical bills. These types of debts can be discharged fairly quickly in Chapter 7, usually in about three months from the filing date.  While most unsecured debts can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, certain kinds are not dischargeable such as student loans and some tax debts. When you call to speak with our local bankruptcy attorney we can tell you which debts will be affected by a Chapter 7 filing.

Our Scottsboro bankruptcy attorney will help you determine whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Sometimes a Chapter 7 may not be the best choice and a Chapter 13 might be preferable for your particular situation.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a payment plan, where you pay back some or all of your debts over a three to five year period. There are sometimes property considerations and income qualifications to filing for Chapter 7 that can make Chapter 13 a more appealing option. 

Filing for Bankruptcy in Scottsboro

If you live in Scottsboro or the surrounding areas of Jackson County, then you will likely be filing your bankruptcy in the United States District Court, Scottsboro Bankruptcy LawyerNorthern District of Alabama, Northern Division. Scottsboro is the county seat of Jackson County with the county courthouse located in downtown Scottsboro. In a North Alabama bankruptcy, you will have a hearing called a Meeting of the Creditors. If you live in the City of Scottsboro then your bankruptcy hearing will be in downtown Huntsville.

When our Scottsboro bankruptcy lawyer files your case, you’ll be attending a Meeting of the Creditors about a month later.  This gives a Trustee in your case and any creditors an opportunity to ask you questions under oath.  However, most of the time, no creditors actually show up and the Trustee will just ask you a few simple questions.  After the Meeting of the Creditors, you should have no additional hearings in a no asset Chapter 7 case.

You do have to complete a financial management course while your case is pending, but this can usually be done online.  Additionally, you might have to sign some documents to be filed with the Court during your Chapter 7 case such as a reaffirmation agreement, but these will not typically require you to go to Court and can sometimes be approved without a hearing. 

Attorney Steven Harris is a proud member of the Huntsville Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau for North Alabama.  The Harris Firm regularly files bankruptcy cases in the Northern Alabama area and we are familiar with the requirements in this jurisdiction.  Our local bankruptcy lawyer can answer your questions about the process either in person or over the phone.  If you would like to speak with our Scottsboro bankruptcy attorney, then give us a call today.