Submit a Bankruptcy Questionnaire

When you are ready to set up an appointment just let us know. Below are the documents you will need to get us eventually in order to file your bankruptcy. If you cannot come up with all the documents requested below before the consultation, that is fine. Just come in anyway and we can go over your financial situation and you can get the documents at a later time (if necessary) before we actually file the bankruptcy. The main things that you need to bring to the consultation are 1) Photo ID; 2) last six months pay stubs (or if receiving unemployment or Social Security payments we will need your award letter showing how much you receive); 3) your last two years tax returns. These are needed in order to determine if you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are the primary items required when you file.

If you have any questions about anything in the questionnaire or do not know the answer to a certain question, just leave the question blank and you can ask the attorney later on. We know this questionnaire is long. Preparing your bankruptcy papers properly takes a significant amount of time and a great deal of information. If we work together to do so, we can protect your family from great hardship and give you the fresh start the law intends you to have. Remember, if you have any questions just call us or email us at


  • If you and your spouse are not living together and are seeking a divorce or separation, and there is no possibility that your spouse will file bankruptcy along with you, you don't have to answer the questions about your spouse. Otherwise, your spouse’s information will be necessary to fill out.
  • Only if spouse is filing with you
  • Only put spouse if they are filing with you.
  • Only put spouse if they are filing with you.
  • You and your spouse, if any
  • Please list what type of bankruptcy you filed and when you filed it.
  • What type of work do you do? Are you employed?
  • If so please list name of business, address, and any assets business currently has. If business no longer operating then list dates when it was operating and whether there are any debts from it.
  • Have you received a tax refund? Is so how much and when did you get it?
  • Do either of you have any claims or lawsuits against anyone you could bring or are currently bringing? Please list them here if so.
  • Please let us know if you have any lawsuits or garnishments pending that you know about.
  • If so please list amount of debt paid off and to whom.
  • If so please list details.
  • Please list details here.
  • Please list name (and address if know it) of creditor, the type of debt (car loan, mortgage, etc.), type of property securing it (model of vehicle, home, etc.), and an estimate of how much you think you owe.
  • These are debts with no property attached. Please list name (and address if know it) of creditor and estimate of amount owed.
  • Please list address of any land or homes you are on the deed to, whether you live in it or not, and an estimate of amount it is worth (we usually use the tax appraisal amount to determine your home's value. You can find this on the tax appraisal card you get in the mail each year when you pay taxes on property). Also please tell us if anyone else is on the deed with you. Lastly, tell us if there is a lien or mortgage on property and if so how much (estimate is fine) it is.
  • If so, please list the name of the institution/bank and the estimated amount currently in it.
  • If so just list estimate of how much deposit was, when made it, and to whom.
  • If so please list year, make, model, and estimated value. Also, please put if there is a loan on the vehicle and if so estimate how much and whether loan is current or not.
  • If it is only old appliances and furniture you can just put a low amount for all your used furnishings, like $500 or some low number like that since old furnishings cannot be sold for very much in most cases.
  • Please list an estimated value of them as well.
  • List name, age, and relationship (spouse, son/daughter, etc.)
  • Please list any income received during the last six months other than from work pay stubs of you and spouse such as alimony, child support, 401(k) withdrawals, public assistance, unemployment compensation, social security, SSI, pension, retirement, military retirement, private disability, or any other income.
  • Please list your rent or mortgage, cell phone, cable, internet, water, power, heat, food/groceries, medications (prescription and over the counter), gasoline and transportation, vehicle loan payments, student loan payments, payments to IRS/Alabama Taxes, Any insurance that doesn't come out of your paycheck (homeowners, life, health, vehicle, etc.), Daycare/Babysitting expenses, Alimony, Child Support, Diapers or Formula for infants, Security/Alarm Systems, Birthday and Holiday Expenses for Family, Pet Food/Expenses, and any other expenses you can think of.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.