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Our Montgomery divorce lawyers are currently charging $320 in attorney fees for uncontested divorces without minor children and $420 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage in Montgomery County and the surrounding areas.

Our Montgomery Divorce Attorneys

Montgomery Divorce LawyersGoing through a divorce can be a lengthy, bitter, and exhausting process. Many spouses may worry about having their life put on hold while they wait for a court date, and also paying their divorce lawyers thousands of dollars in retainer fees. Filing for divorce, and in the meantime having to deal with the ongoing divorce battle between both spouses and their divorce attorneys, can be extremely cumbersome to handle and can sometimes not be worth the energy and money involved.

When you go to file your divorce it is important to retain a local divorce attorney that practices regularly in that particular jurisdiction, even in the case of simple uncontested divorces. This is because each county, and in particular Montgomery County, has unique local requirements that a Montgomery divorce lawyer will be aware of while most law firms not regularly filing divorces in that particular county will not.  For example, in Montgomery County if you have minor children of the marriage then a parenting course is required.  This  means that you and your spouse will have to attend and complete a parenting course in order to receive your divorce decree.

There are certain circumstances where you may be able to take the course where you live instead of locally in Montgomery County, but you will most likely be required to complete a course no matter where you are residing.  There are also certain document requirements that are particular to this county, and our attorneys are familiar with this and will ensure that all such local rules are followed.  In some cases, when a national document preparation company is retained to type up your documents they are not familiar with such local county requirements and can cause your paperwork to be incomplete resulting in a dismissal of your divorce.  However, our Montgomery divorce lawyers know these local rules and will work with you to ensure that they are followed, and that you receive your divorce decree as quickly as possible.

Divorces in Montgomery County

It is important to have a divorce attorney that knows the local rules where you are filing, including the different fees that vary depending on the jurisdiction you file in.  For example, there is a filing fee that must be paid to the Court when the divorce is filed.  How much this filing fee is depends on the county you file in, with the filing fee in Montgomery County being a little over $200 (which includes a small convenience fee for filing your divorce electronically).  This filing fee must be paid before we will file your non-contested divorce for you.  If you are retaining us to file your contested divorce the filing fee is usually the same.  However, this fee is not included in the attorney fees since it is charged by the Court and not by our law firm.

If you reside in Montgomery, Pike Road, Hope Hull, or Mount Meigs, then we will most likely be filing your divorce for you in the Family Court of Montgomery County.  Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama and the county seat of Montgomery County, with the county courthouse being located in downtown Montgomery at 100 S. Lawrence St., Montgomery, AL 36104.  If you live in the surrounding areas of Prattville, Selma, Wetumpka, Auburn, or Dothan then you will likely be filing your divorce in that particular county.  We regularly file divorces throughout the State of Alabama in Elmore County, Autauga County, Dallas County, Lee County, and Houston County Courts.  If you have any questions about filing for divorce then give our Montgomery divorce attorneys a call today for a consultation.