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Our Birmingham divorce lawyers are currently charging $320 in attorney fees for uncontested divorces without minor children and $420 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage in Jefferson County and the surrounding areas.

Divorces in Birmingham

Birmingham Divorce LawyersWhen filing for a divorce in Birmingham, Alabama it is important that you retain a local Birmingham divorce lawyer to counsel you through the process.  If you are interested in a contested divorce or a default divorce in the Jefferson or Shelby County areas, then you will need to contact our office to set up a consultation with our divorce lawyers in our Birmingham office or over the phone.  If you are considering filing for an uncontested divorce in Birmingham, then call us and we will send you a questionnaire to fill out and return to us to get the process started.

The process of filing for a no contest divorce is fairly simple and when you call, one of our Birmingham uncontested divorce attorneys can answer any questions you may have.  However, both you and your spouse must reach an agreement in order to file for an uncontested divorce.  If an agreement has not been reached, and you would like to file for divorce, then you will likely have to file a contested divorce.  This is where one party files for divorce and serves the other party with the divorce paperwork.  The other spouse, once served, has a limited amount of time to respond and if they do not, then the filing party may be able to receive their divorce by default.  If the other party does respond, then there will usually be hearings set and a contested divorce will begin.  A contested divorce continues until both parties either reach an agreement as to all contested issues or have a trial and let the judge in their case decide these issues for them.

It is always cheaper and simpler to reach an agreement beforehand and file an uncontested divorce, but if that is not possible then you can call our Birmingham divorce lawyers and we can speak with you about the contested divorce process in Jefferson and Shelby County.

Our Birmingham Divorce Attorneys

Our divorce attorneys in Birmingham are currently charging a low flat rate of $320 to handle your non-contested divorce if you do not have minor children of the marriage and $420 if you do.  This does not include a filing fee that each county requires which is a little over $200 in Jefferson County.

Even in a quick and cheap uncontested divorce, each county can have different document requirements, so it is important to have a local divorce lawyer represent you.  If you reside in the Birmingham area, then your divorce will most likely be filed in either Shelby County or the Jefferson County Domestic Relations Court, both of which have specific divorce requirements that other counties may not have.  For example, when filing for an uncontested divorce in Jefferson County there are certain documents that must have language included in them that are unique to that county.  If you are filing in Shelby County, then there are very specific requirements concerning how your divorce documents are filed.  If these requirements are not met, and the proper motions and other documents are not filed in the proper way, then they will usually dismiss your case and you will have to file all over again.

If you are using an online divorce document preparation program, then they will usually not have such county specific language in them and it can cause your divorce to be dismissed by the judge assigned to your case.  Our divorce lawyers are familiar with all of these local rules and will work to ensure that all documents are filed correctly and in compliance with the local rules.  This is why an actual Birmingham uncontested divorce attorney is usually necessary and having a national online document preparation company prepare your divorce documents may not be the best decision.

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and the county seat of Jefferson County with the Jefferson County Courthouse located in downtown Birmingham.  If you are living in Bessemer, Trussville, Homewood, Fultondale, or Gardendale then you may be filing in Jefferson County.  If you are residing in Alabaster, Pelham, or Hoover then you will likely be filing in the Shelby County Courts.  The Shelby County Courthouse is located in Columbiana, Alabama and their filing fee is about a little over $290 (which includes a small convenience fee for filing online).  Our local divorce attorney, Steven Harris, regularly files divorces in the Jefferson and Shelby County areas.  He is a member of the local Birmingham Bar Association and the Central Alabama Better Business Bureau.  If you call our Birmingham divorce attorneys today, then we can answer any questions you may have, including helping to determine what courthouse to file your divorce in.