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$320 Uncontested Divorces in Birmingham and Hoover

When filing for a divorce in Birmingham, Alabama it is important that you retain a Birmingham divorce lawyer to counsel you through the process.  When you contact our office concerning filing for divorce in Birmingham, then we will send you out a questionnaire to fill out and return to us.  Our divorce attorneys in Birmingham are currently charging a low flat rate of $320 to handle your non-contested divorce if you do not have minor children of the marriage and $420 if you do.  If you are interested in a contested divorce or a default divorce in the Jefferson or Shelby County areas, then you will need to contact our office to set up a consultation with our divorce lawyers in our Birmingham office or over the phone.   

Birmingham Divorce Lawyers

Jefferson County Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama

Even in a quick and cheap uncontested divorce, each county can have different document requirements, so it is important to have a local Birmingham divorce lawyer represent you if you are considering a divorce in Jefferson County or the surrounding areas.  If you reside in the Birmingham area, then your divorce will most likely be filed in either Shelby County or the Jefferson County Domestic Relations Court, both of which have specific divorce requirements that other counties may not have.  For example, when filing for an uncontested divorce in Jefferson County there are certain documents that must have language included in them that are unique to Jefferson County.

If you are using an online divorce document preparation program, then they will usually not have such county specific language in them and it can cause your divorce to be dismissed by the judge assigned to your case.  Another county specific requirement is the filing fee, which in Jefferson County is about $207 (which includes a small convenience fee for filing your divorce electronically) and this fee is not included in the attorney fees listed on this site and this fee must be paid prior to the case being filed.  Whether you are filing an uncontested or contested divorce, you will need a local divorce lawyer in order to assure that everything is filled out and filed correctly, and to ensure that the procedural requirements are met so that you do not receive any deficiencies in your case.    

In addition to this, Jefferson County has some unique requirements for filing your divorce documents in a non-contested divorce and there are also some local rules pertaining to the signatures and proper execution of some of the “standard” documents normally filed in a quick and cheap divorce.  Our Birmingham divorce lawyers are familiar with all of these local rules and will work to ensure that all documents are filed correctly, in compliance with the local rules.  This is why an actual divorce attorney is usually necessary and having a national online document preparation company prepare your divorce documents may not be the best decision.  

Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and the county seat of Jefferson County with the Jefferson County Courthouse located in downtown Birmingham.  The city of Birmingham has a population of 212,237 according to the 2010 U.S. Census and the Birmingham-Hoover Metropolitan Statistical Area has a population of 1,128,047 according to the 2010 U.S. Census.  If you reside in Birmingham or the surrounding areas of Adamsville, Fultondale, Bessemer, Gardendale, Helena, Fairfield, Graysville, Homewood, Hoover, Midfield, Hueytown, Leeds, Mountain Brook, Pinson, Trussville, Tarrant, Pleasant Grove, Sumiton, Vestavia Hills, McCalla, and Irondale then you will most likely be filing your divorce in the Jefferson County Courts.  If you are in the surrounding areas of Alabaster, Pelham, Helena, Calera, Hoover, or Montevallo then you will likely file your divorce in the Shelby County Courts.  The Shelby County Courthouse is located in Columbiana, Alabama and their filing fee is about $292 (which includes a small convenience fee for filing online).  If you call our divorce lawyers, then we can help you determine what courthouse to file your divorce in.  

Hoover Divorce Attorneys

If you are living in the City of Hoover, then some of the unique requirements for filing your divorce in the Shelby County Courts are that you will need certain documents called custody affidavits to be filed with your divorce (which is not required in most counties).  Also, Shelby County has some time specific signature requirements for filing divorce which our Hoover divorce attorneys can explain to you if you call us about a divorce in Shelby County.  Although we do not have an office in downtown Hoover, our Birmingham office is located in Shelby County and our Hoover divorce lawyers regularly file divorce cases for clients in the Jefferson and Shelby County Courts.

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We can file your divorce for you whether you have reached an agreement with your spouse or not.  If you are seeking a local divorce attorney to handle your filing then give our Birmingham divorce lawyers a call today for a consultation.

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