Why is an Uncontested Divorce Sometimes Called an Online Divorce

Why is an uncontested divorce sometimes called an online divorce? Sometimes an uncontested divorce is referred to as an online divorce because today many uncontested divorces are done entirely online. An online divorce in Madison County is completely valid and is still an uncontested divorce. An online divorce is where a couple has an uncontested divorce, but the majority of the paperwork is filed online. This means that the couple has come together to reach some type of an agreement regarding their divorce. An uncontested divorce is by far the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to get a divorce in Alabama. Once the couple has come to an agreement, they will sign the agreement and have a Pelham divorce attorney file the divorce within the county in which they are located. There are no trials or hearings needed for an uncontested divorce because the couple has already come to an agreement before the divorce was filed.  Why is uncontested divorce called online divorce 

In Alabama you can get a divorce online which means that you do not have to go to court and there will be no hearings. In many cases, you do not have to come into an office for any in-person appointments because the process can be done online or over the phone. Many attorneys will just send you a questionnaire for you and your spouse to fill out. The questionnaire will detail the agreement that the spouses have reached.  Then the Birmingham divorce attorney will file your online divorce in the county in which the couple lives. 

All payments and filing fees can be made online. Once the questionnaire has been completed and fees have been paid, your attorney will prepare the divorce paperwork and send it back for the two spouses to sign. Once it is signed and the Trussville divorce attorney has filed it with the court, the judge will give you your divorce decree. This process generally takes around a month or two. Since the divorce is filed completely online, you can expect to receive your decree by email. Once the decree is sent, the divorce will be finalized. With the help of an experienced divorce attorney, the process for an uncontested divorce can be quite quick and easy. In Alabama many divorce attorneys will charge a flat rate for an uncontested divorce. This is because the uncontested divorce process is fairly predictable and an experienced divorce attorney in Anniston will know how long the process will take.

There are many benefits to having an online divorce. It can be a very simple process for all parties involved. The divorce is valid, and the process can be done completely online, while the court is still real and in person.

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