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In a Divorce Can I Close on the House Without My Spouse Being Present

If we are going through a divorce in Birmingham, can I close on the sale of a house without my wife being present at closing? A property that is intended to be used as a primary residence in Alabama is known as a homestead. If a property is deemed to be a homestead, then there …

What is a QuitClaim Deed and Why do I Need One in a Divorce

 What is a quit claim deed and why do I need one if a house was acquired during the marriage but my spouse is not showing on the deed? A quitclaim deed in Alabama is a document that transfers ownership of an interest in a property from one party to another. The grantor is the …

How does DHR get Involved in a Child’s Family Situtation

How does DHR in Alabama get involved in a child’s family situation and can a Birmingham divorce attorney help get them out? DHR stands for the department of human resources. The Alabama department of human resources deals with a number of different issues such as: adoption, adult protective services, baby box initiative, Chafee Education and …

What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce

What is the difference between a legal separation and a divorce? A legal separation is where two married people come to an arrangement where they live separately and are no longer together, but they are not legally divorced. This is a way for couples to separate themselves without becoming legally divorced in Jefferson County. This …

How do I put my Baby Daddy on Child Support when we are not Married

How do I put my baby’s father on child support? There are many different reasons why you may need to get child support. Child support is a series of scheduled payments that is made by one of the parents. These payments are generally ordered by a court in order to make sure that the child …

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