Can I Get Divorced Completely Online with an Uncontested Divorce?

Online divorce is a legal, efficient, and inexpensive option if you and your spouse agree on all issues in your divorce.  Finding an alternative to the traditional court process is crucial in order to make your divorce less expensive and less stressful. For many people, paying a Birmingham divorce attorney thousands of dollars to handle the divorce just isn’t an option.  Luckily you do have options for an inexpensive online divorce.  Can I get an online divorce in Alabama?

An online divorce is one where you use an online service to guide you through the steps in completing your divorce.  The service will walk you through completing the divorce papers, drafting a divorce settlement agreement and then filing the paperwork with the appropriate court in your jurisdiction.  The service will have you fill out an online interview questionnaire and it will fill out the appropriate forms for you and tell you where to file it or e-file it for you with the court.

Online divorce can be used for uncontested divorces in Morgan County, or anywhere else in Alabama.  An uncontested divorce is one where the spouses agree on the divorce and on all issues regarding the divorce including:

  • Division of property, debts and assets
  • Child support, visitation and custody
  • Alimony

Once you and your spouse have agreed on all the divorce issues, the online divorce service will help you put together the divorce settlement agreement.  You’ll also need to choose a “no-fault ground” for the divorce, such as “irreconcilable differences”.  You cannot choose an online divorce in Madison County, or anywhere else, if you accuse your spouse of abandonment, adultery or another “fault ground”.

An online divorce is not for you if:

  • Your spouse doesn’t want a divorce
  • You’re afraid for the safely of yourself or your children
  • There is no agreement on child custody or support
  • There is no agreement on alimony
  • No agreement on division of debt or assets
  • Recent spousal abuse or domestic violence
  • You and your spouse have extensive property or complicated financial situation

Rest assured that an online divorce is valid and legitimate.  It’s a completely legal method to have an online service complete your divorce paperwork. Once the documents are signed and filed with the court, they are legally binding.  A judge will then review the documents and issue a final divorce decree just as with any other divorce.  As long as your local divorce lawyer in Shelby County, or whatever county you are filing in, handles your case appropriately for the local jurisdiction then it should be fairly simple. 

Completing an uncontested divorce online helps you to avoid high court costs.  You’ll only need to go to court in extremely rare circumstances where the judge might find egregious errors in your filing.  If you are thorough and use a reputable online divorce law firm, you are never likely to ever set foot in court.

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