What is an Easy Uncontested Divorce in Jefferson County

What is an easy uncontested divorce in Jefferson County and will I have to go to Court? When two parties decide that they no longer want to be married, they will have to legally dissolve their marriage in order to be viewed, in the eyes of the law, as single. To legally dissolve a marriage, the two parties will have to be divorced, which can be obtained two different ways. It can either be a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce. Depending on which type the parties pursue, their divorce can either be simple, or it can be very complex.  What is an Easy Uncontested Divorce in Jefferson County

When two parties cannot reach a mutual agreement regarding the terms of their divorce, they will have to obtain what is known as a contested divorce. Even if the parties do not agree on one single term of their divorce rather than disagreeing on all of the terms of their divorce, they will still have to pursue a contested divorce because of that one term. Contested divorces can be very time-consuming, and they can be difficult mentally, emotionally, and financially. They can be difficult financially because they can take anywhere from one month to years to become officially finalized if the parties are unable to cooperate and reach an agreement. These divorces are charged on an hourly basis because it is so hard to estimate how long the case will take. Typically, the parties will go back and forth to try to resolve their disagreements, but if they cannot reach an agreement, then the Circuit Court judge will decide each term of their online divorce.

Uncontested divorces are much simpler than contested divorces. This is because when two parties pursue an easy divorce, they have already reached an agreement on every term of their divorce. This means that the parties discussed matters like spousal support, child support, and child custody, until they were able to agree on what should happen with each term of their divorce once they are officially divorced. By doing this, the parties will be able to decide the outcome of their divorce on their own without having to leave the decision up to the Circuit Court judge. This can be done through a legally enforceable contract between the parties, which is called a marital settlement agreement.

If you are wanting to get a divorce that is relatively simple and quick, we recommend that you try to obtain an uncontested divorce in Jefferson County if at all possible. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it because uncontested divorces do not require you to go before the Circuit Court. Instead, you will need to hire a divorce attorney in Huntsville to draft a marital settlement agreement. Once this agreement has been drafted, understood, and signed by both parties, the divorce attorney will file it, along with a Petition for Divorce. Sometime after Alabama’s 30 day cooling off period, the judge can enter the parties’ final divorce decree. If you are considering a divorce, schedule a consultation with one of our experienced divorce attorneys.

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