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Child Support in Alabama Child support is a financial obligation that the non-custodial parent must pay to a custodial parent to help with the basic expenses of the child.  Most states have their own laws with specific guidelines to determine the amount of child support to be paid and our local divorce lawyers can calculate …


Child Custody in Alabama In Alabama, there are two different types of custody, legal and physical.  In general, legal custody is the right to make decisions concerning the child’s health, education, religion, and other such important decisions for the child.  Physical custody concerns the actual living arrangements of the child and is generally awarded to …


Alimony in Alabama Alimony, sometimes referred to as spousal support or spousal maintenance, is where one spouse has been ordered to pay the other spouse a certain amount of money in lump sum or in regular installment payments.  Alimony seems to be awarded much less often than the general public seems to think, and in …


Custody Affidavits in Shelby County Divorces In a Shelby County uncontested divorce filing, a document called a custody affidavit is required to be signed by both parties.  This affidavit is not required in every county in Alabama, but you will not be able to receive a divorce decree in Shelby county without properly executing these affidavits.  When …


Divorce by Default Filing a default divorce is necessary when the party against whom the divorce suit is brought does not respond within the time limit set by Alabama state law, which is generally thirty (30) days.  Often times, individuals cannot file an uncontested divorce in Alabama since they cannot locate their spouse and when …

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