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Filing for Bankruptcy in Anniston

Filing for Bankruptcy in AnnistonIf you call one of our Anniston bankruptcy lawyers today, one of our attorneys can call you back within the same day (sometimes within the hour) and answer any questions you may have about the process.

If an appointment is necessary, then we will set up an appointment for a free consultation in our Anniston office.  If you have an appointment in our office, then our bankruptcy attorneys in Anniston will email or mail you a questionnaire for you to fill out and bring with you to this appointment. At the appointment and over the phone, we will go over your financial situation with you to determine your options.

Our bankruptcy lawyers serve clients in Anniston and the surrounding areas of Oxford, Gadsden, Heflin, Oneonta, Ashville, Talladega, and Lincoln.

Our Anniston Bankruptcy Lawyers

You should consider obtaining one of our Anniston bankruptcy lawyers if:

1) You are behind on your mortgage and/or vehicle payment and are threatened with foreclosure or repossession;

2) You are having to use credit cards to pay for necessities such as groceries and you cannot afford to pay your credit card or other bills;

3) You have more than $10,000 in credit card debt;

4) You are being sued by creditors;

5) You are getting daily calls and letters from collectors and you see no way of getting out from under the debt, or;

6) You have large outstanding medical bills that your insurance did not pay and you have no way of ever paying for them.

If you need some debt relief, then our Anniston bankruptcy lawyers may be able to help you.  By filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you are able to wipe out certain debts and get a fresh start and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also provide protection from creditors.

Even in what would seem like a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there may be potential issues that could arise once your case is filed. This is why it is important to obtain a local bankruptcy attorney in Anniston to file your case for you, since they will be familiar with the process and know all of the local rules of the particular bankruptcy court you are filing in.

Filing for Bankruptcy in the Anniston Area

If you reside in Calhoun CountyClay County, Cleburne County, or Talladega County then you will be filing in the U.S. District Court Northern District of Alabama, Eastern Division and your Meeting of the Creditors (also called a 341 Hearing) will most likely be held in the Federal Courthouse in Anniston, Alabama.

Usually, no creditors actually show up for this meeting and the Trustee in your case will just ask you a few questions about your financial situation. If there are no complications or objections then you should receive a discharge and never have to go before a Judge in most Chapter 7 cases.

If you need some financial relief then give our Anniston bankruptcy attorneys a call today for a consultation.