Can We Set up a Mediation in Our Divorce

Can we set up a mediation in our divorce? How does that work? It can be difficult for two parties to come to the decision that they should terminate their marriage, yet almost half of all marriages are terminated. In order to terminate a marriage, the two parties have to get a divorce. A divorce in Autauga County, or anywhere else, can be obtained as either contested or uncontested. Both contested and uncontested divorces consist of different processes.  Mediation in our Divorce

Contested divorces tend to be very complex and time-consuming. This is because contested divorces occur when two parties are not capable of reaching an agreement on one or more terms of their divorce. These divorces are time-consuming because both of the parties will have to communicate through their Birmingham divorce lawyers back and forth between each other throughout the pre-trial process leading up to their scheduled appearance in the Circuit Court. Uncontested divorces are much simpler. These divorces occur when the two parties have agreed on every single term of their divorce to where they do not have to go to court to have the judge determine what will happen with each term. 

If two parties are having a difficult time trying to agree on the terms of their divorce, it is recommended that they attend mediation. Most courts require the two parties to attend at least one mediation before they will even hear the divorce case. Mediation allows the parties to save time and money. Even if both of the parties cannot agree on every term, mediation may help the parties to settle on some of the other undecided issues. This way, they would only need the Circuit Court judge to decide the outcome of one or a few terms of their divorce rather than all of them. 

If you and your spouse have decided that you are getting a divorce, mediation may be the next step for you both. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution, which means that the parties will try to resolve their issues through mediation rather than going before the Circuit Court judge. To start mediation, you should contact an experienced divorce attorney in Millbrook that can help you with the process of hiring a mediator. 

Your divorce attorney in Prattville, or wherever you live, may even be able to recommend some of the more reputable mediators. You and your spouse will schedule separate meeting times with the mediator, which will be spent explaining your view of the situation and terms of the divorce. You will also want to share with the mediator what your ideal outcome or goal is. Then, the mediator will go back and forth between the parties to try to help them reach a decision. Of course, mediation is not binding, but it helps the two parties work through their issues concerning matters like spousal support and child support. After paying for mediation, the parties can incorporate their agreed upon terms and can move forward with their divorce much more quickly than they would be able to do without mediation.

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