How Can I Get an Uncontested Divorce Quick and Easy in Alabama

How can I get an uncontested divorce quick and easy in Alabama? Although divorce rates have been declining in the past few years there are still more than half a million couples divorcing in the United States every year.  Over 40,000 couples seek a divorce annually in Alabama alone.  The quickest and easiest method of getting a divorce is through an uncontested divorce. 

An uncontested divorce is one where both parties reach a settlement (agree on everything) or one party files for divorce and the other party never responds or shows up in court.  90% of all divorces are uncontested although some start out as contested but eventually both parties reach an agreement.  

The pathway to a fast Alabama divorce is to work out all disagreements and come to an agreement on all aspects of the divorce.  These include alimony, property, child custody, visitation, support of the child and the division of debt.  If the couple agrees on all issues involving the divorce they can proceed with an uncontested divorce and complete a settlement.  Usually working with a Birmingham divorce attorney the couple submits to the court the settlement with everything they have agreed upon. The court does charge a filing fee but it can be waived by submitting a fee waiver request. Many states have a waiting period and Alabama is no different.  Its waiting period is very short, only 30 days.

The following are the biggest advantages to an uncontested divorce:

  • The main advantage is that it will save you time and money.  Once a settlement can be reached between the two parties it can be submitted within a few weeks and approved in a month.  In comparison a contested divorce could take possibly years to complete.  Uncontested divorces will save you money.  If you can agree on everything then you will avoid a trial which is very expensive. 
  • Another advantage to uncontested divorces is that it will usually preserve the relationship between the parties.  Divorces can further damage an already damaged relationship but with an uncontested divorce you can avoid even further rifts between the parties and leave a better relationship intact at the end.   
  • Spouses who can work together to create a settlement agreement are more likely to follow the orders once everything is final.  
  • An uncontested divorce in Alabama will give you more control in the process.  Anytime you and your spouse can reach an agreement this will result in you having more control over the process and details rather than if it has to go in front of a judge to be resolved.  An uncontested divorce allows you and your spouse to tailor your agreement to what works best for you.  You get to decide where you are willing to compromise rather than a complete stranger in the judge.  An uncontested divorce allows you to regain control over the experience.
  • An uncontested divorce is a much more peaceful process than a contested divorce.  An online Alabama divorce is a much more amicable process than the alternative.  An antagonistic divorce is so stressful so if you can prevent that hostility and negativity from entering the process it will result in a better situation.  

An uncontested divorce is a much preferred experience than a contested one.  It will help you save money, time and heartache.  Also it will allow you to have more control over the process and to stay on amicable terms with your spouse.  It’s worth a start to see if you and your spouse can go down the path of an uncontested divorce.  Contact the Harris Firm and let our Anniston divorce attorneys handle your situation.

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