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If you and your spouse have an agreement then you may do an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is the fastest way to get a divorce in Alabama. It is where both of you sign a settlement agreement concerning the marital issues and submit it to the Court. Fast Divorce in AlabamaOnce the judge approves your agreement, then there are not any hearings in most cases and you get your decree extremely quick and easy. The costs for getting a fast divorce are listed below. Give our divorce lawyer a call today for more information about quick and easy divorces in Alabama. 

$290 for uncontested divorces in Alabama without minor children.

$390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage.

There is also a filing fee that depends on the county you are in. This filing fee must be paid when the divorce is filed except for very unusual circumstances where it might be waived. Call our local divorce attorney today for the filing fee in your county. Also, if you are ready to get a simple divorce right now, you can fill out a divorce questionnaire online.

Fast Divorces in Alabama

When a divorce is filed, it is usually labeled in the Court system as an uncontested or a contested divorce.  Uncontested divorces are the quickest way to get a fast divorce.  It is where everyone reaches an agreement before anything is filed. Fast Uncontested DivorcesReaching the agreement before paying for a divorce lawyer is the quickest way to get a divorce fast and easy, since all that the attorney has to do is prepare and file the legal documents.

The costs of a fast uncontested divorce are much cheaper than filing for divorce with no agreement since there are no issues to argue about. In an uncontested divorce, the legal documents are prepared by the lawyer.  When the paperwork is signed by both spouses, then it can be filed and the divorce process began. 

The Court will usually issue the divorce decree about a month or two after filing (depending on where you file and the judge that gets your case it can take longer). In most counties you will not go to court and can get your decree by email and mail without having to take off work.

There are no hearings or court dates since an agreement is reached about all assets, custody, and debts.  Every county has a different process for obtaining a fast divorce, so each court can have their own local requirements.  Only a few require hearings when there are children of the marriage and only one that we know of currently requires an appearance without children in the marriage. The local rules may change, but we file divorces all over the State of Alabama and keep up with the local rules. This way our divorce lawyers can obtain the quickest divorce that you can get. Call us for a speedy divorce today!

How Fast Can You Get Divorced in Alabama?

Our fast divorce lawyers currently charge $290 for attorney fees in no fault divorces without minor children of the marriage and $390 with minor children.  The process is pretty fast and simple with us. Our office will gather some information from you about the agreement you and your spouse have reached. Then you submit the questionnaire, which can be filled out online, sent to us by email or mail, or you can drop it off at our office. You also have to pay the attorney fees, which can be done online or at our office as well. Fastest Divorce in AlabamaOnce we have the questionnaire and payment, our attorney or their paralegal will contact you directly to discuss your agreement. Then our divorce lawyer prepares the paperwork for you to get signed and returned with the filing fee.

After receiving the signed documents and filing fee our office takes it from there. We file the divorce and get your divorce decree as fast as possible for you. The fastest you can have the divorce be official is about thirty days from the filing date. However, some judges can issue something called an interlocutory decree. This is where they sign your divorce decree within a few days after we file it electronically, but the decree states that it will not take effect for thirty days. In such counties, you may technically get your decree within a day or two but it will just not become effective for about a month.

Our local divorce attorneys are always here to answer your questions throughout the process and can even do an in person consultation if you want. However, you do not have to meet for a quick divorce. If both spouses already have an agreement that they understand completely and do not have any questions for the attorney, then it is just paperwork to be prepared, signed, and filed with the Court.

An uncontested divorce is the fastest and simplest way to get a divorce without dragging the case out in the court system. If you are looking for an affordable and fast divorce, then give our local divorce attorney a call today.