Getting a Cheap Uncontested Divorce in Dora

Can you get an uncontested divorce in Dora or anywhere else in Walker County that is both cheap and online? Sure, it is easy to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Walker County, Alabama as long as it is uncontested and everyone is in agreement. After both spouses have signed the paperwork we prepare and it is filed with the court, an uncontested divorce takes about six weeks or so before you are officially divorced. This is a much faster turnaround time than a contested divorce. A contested divorce can take many months or even years, depending on if there is a trial or not.  If both parties cannot reach an agreement during the contested divorce and a trial is necessary to determine the contested issues, then it can take significantly longer than an uncontested divorce.

How to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Dora

Alabama was one of the fastest places in America to get a quick divorce. From 1945 to 1970, Alabama issued more divorces than Nevada. Couples only had to wait one day for a signed divorce decree due to a loophole. Not only that, they could bypass the residency requirement. This meant that couples from all over the country could come to Alabama for a quick uncontested divorce in Dora, Alabama. Legislature changed the law in 1970 to close the loopholes and stop Alabama’s Divorce Mill reputation.

Today, Alabama requires a thirty day cooling off period. Judges wait to sign divorce decrees in both contested and uncontested divorces. The thirty day wait is to make sure both parties ensure that divorce is what they really want.

Thirty days from the time you file, is the fastest turnaround legally possible for a cheap online divorce in Dora or elsewhere in Walker County, Alabama. A quick turnaround time depends on the parties’ filing and completing all paperwork. It is so important to hire a local divorce attorney to handle your case. Our lawyers make sure everything is in order when it goes to the court in Walker County.

Sometimes a judge will issue an interlocutory decree, where the judge issues a decree the day you file the case. However, on the decree it states that it doesn’t go into effect for thirty days. Another time limit to keep in mind is the other spouse’s time to reply to a complaint for divorce. When one spouse files for divorce, the filing party must “serve” the paperwork on the other spouse. The non-filing spouse then has thirty days to respond to this complaint. This can overlap with the required thirty day cooling off period. If the divorce is uncontested, the non-filing spouse can go to the courthouse as soon as possible after the filing to sign their side of the paperwork.

An uncontested divorce in Alabama is the fastest way to get a cheap and easy divorce. Since the process varies from county to county, you should call us today to find out how quick the process is in Dora, Alabama.

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