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If you and your spouse have reached an agreement then you can do a simple and inexpensive uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorces are the quickest way to get divorced in Alabama. It is where both spouses execute a settlement agreement concerning all marital issues and submit the agreement to the court in your county. Quick Divorce in AlabamaAs long as the judge approves the agreement, then there are usually not any hearings and you get your decree as quick as possible. Give our divorce attorneys a call today for more information about getting a quick and easy divorce in Alabama.

$290 for uncontested divorces in Alabama without minor children.

$390 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage.

In addition, there is also a filing fee that is different from county to county across Alabama. This filing fee must be paid when the case is filed except for very special circumstances where the fee might be waived by request. We keep up with the local rules so you do not have to. This way we can get you the quickest divorce possible with no hassle. Call our local divorce lawyers today to find out the filing fee where you are. If you and your spouse are ready to get the process started then you can submit a divorce questionnaire online today.

Quick Divorces in Alabama

When a divorce is filed in an Alabama court, it is usually filed as an uncontested or a contested divorce.  Uncontested divorces are the quickest way to get a divorce.  It is where everyone reaches an agreement before anything is ever filed. Reaching the agreement before getting a divorce attorney is the best way to get a quickie divorce, since all that your lawyer has to do is prepare and file the paperwork.

The costs of an uncontested divorce are much more affordable than filing for divorce without an agreement. This is because there are no issues for the lawyer to argue about, which means less hourly work for your attorney. Quick Uncontested DivorcesIn an uncontested divorce, the legal documents are prepared by the divorce lawyer.  When the documents are signed by both spouses, then they get filed and it is designated an uncontested divorce.  

The Court will typically issue the divorce decree about a month or two after filing (depending on the county you file and the judge assigned your case it could take a little longer). In most counties you do not have to go to court, and will get your decree by email and mail without ever having to take off work.

There are no hearings or court dates since an agreement was reached concerning the division of assets, child custody, and other such issues.  Every county has a different process for getting a quickie divorce, so each local court can have their own unique requirements.  Only a few require a court date when there are children involved and only one at this time requires an appearance without children in the marriage. These local rules can change, but our attorneys file divorces in every county in the State of Alabama and are always keeping up with the local rules. This way we can obtain the quickest and fastest divorce possible for you and your spouse. Call our lawyers for a fast divorce today!

How Quick Can You Get Divorced in Alabama?

Our uncontested divorce lawyers are currently charging $290 for attorney fees in simple no fault divorces in Alabama without minor children of the marriage and $390 with children of the marriage.  The process is pretty quick with us. We gather some information from you about you and your spouse’s agreement. Then you submit a questionnaire, which you can fill out online, email, mail, or dropping it off at our office. You can pay the attorney fees online or at our office as well. Once we have the questionnaire and payment, we will contact you to discuss everything. Quickie Divorce in AlabamaAfter that, our divorce attorney prepares your paperwork and you and your spouse get it signed and returned to us with the filing fee.

After receiving the signed paperwork and filing fee we take it from there. We file it and obtain your divorce decree as fast as possible for you. The quickest you can have the divorce be official is thirty days from the filing date. However, some judges will issue something called an interlocutory decree. This is where the judge issues your divorce decree the day we file it electronically, but it states on the decree that it does not take effect for thirty days. So in those counties that do this, you can technically get your decree within a day or two but it will not be effective for about a month.

Our local divorce lawyers are here to answer any questions you may have and can even do an in person consultation if you wish. However, you do not have to meet in person for a quick and fast divorce. If both spouses have an agreement that they are comfortable with and have no questions for the attorney, then it is mostly just paperwork to be prepared, signed, and filed with the Court.

An uncontested divorce is always the quickest and easiest way to get divorced without dragging it out in the courts. If you are looking for an affordable and easy divorce, then give our local divorce attorney a call today for more information.