How do I get an Uncontested Divorce in Alabama Without Court

Can you get a divorce done easily and without any court in Alabama? Yes, you can by doing something called an uncontested divorce in Alabama. As long as both of you are in complete agreement on all terms, then it is easy to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Alabama. To get an uncontested divorce done, you and your spouse just sign and execute properly all of the legal paperwork we provide and return it to us to file. uncontested divorce without hearings

To being the uncontested divorce process, you pay an attorney fee. This flat fee begins the process. Then you fill out the questionnaire and we prepare the paperwork. Once we prepare the documents, then we get it to you and your spouse to sign in front of a notary public. Once you sign the paperwork properly and return it to us to file then you need to pay the filing fee. We then file your divorce online with the local court and get your divorce decree with no court.

It usually takes about a month or two in an uncontested divorce before you are officially divorced. This is much quicker than contested divorces. A contested divorce takes months or even years, depending on the case.  If both parties can’t reach an agreement, then it can take significantly longer than an uncontested divorce.

Today, Alabama requires a thirty day cooling off period before you can get divorced. Therefore, judges have to wait thirty days to sign your divorce decree, even in an uncontested divorce.  The cooling off period is intended to make sure both parties really want the divorce.

In conclusion, an uncontested divorce in Alabama is the quickest and easiest way to get a divorce. Since the whole process is different from county to county, you need to call a local divorce attorney where you live to help you through the process.

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