What is an Answer & Waiver in a Divorce

What is an Answer & Waiver in an Uncontested Divorce? An answer and a waiver are two of the forms that are needed for a basic uncontested divorce in Bullock County, Alabama. An uncontested divorce is a divorce that occurs when both spouses come to an agreement addressing all marital issues. This means that both spouses agree to the divorce, and also agree on what they want to do with their marital assets once the marriage is dissolved. What is an Answer Waiver

Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, they need to file the divorce with the local court. Reaching an agreement before you get a divorce attorney in Bessemer will often make the divorce process go by much easier. Uncontested divorces are much faster and cost much less than a contested divorce. The main reason that uncontested divorces are less expensive is that you do not have to walk through every small dispute with the court. These types of disputes often lead to very expensive attorney’s fees.

When there are no issues to argue over, then the attorney will not have to bill hourly for the work that they do. Many divorce firms may offer a flat rate for uncontested divorces in Tuscaloosa County. Many experienced divorce attorneys are very familiar with the marital dissolution process, therefore they are able to anticipate how long the process will take, and how much they will need to charge in order to have the divorce completed. 

The answer and waiver is where the defendant in the divorces waives their right of service to process. This is the process where the defendant acknowledges that their spouse has received the divorce papers. Along with the answer and waiver there are a few other forms that must be filed for a basic uncontested divorce in Shelby County. First there must be a complaint that is filed with the court requesting the marital dissolution. These forms include the CS-47 which deals with child support and must be completed even if there are no children from the marriage. You may also need to file a testimony of the plaintiff where the plaintiff certifies the grounds for an easy divorce in Alabama.

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