Can I Get Divorced For Less Than a Thousand Dollars

There are a number of factors that will have an effect on how much a divorce will cost. The main factor is whether it is contested or uncontested. If the couple cannot come to a general agreement, then the divorce will be contested. This will greatly affect the time period and cost to complete the process. If it is uncontested, then the process will be fairly timely and much cheaper. All cheap divorces in Jefferson County, or anywhere else in Alabama, will involve some court fees regardless of whether it goes to court or not.  Divorced For below a grand

If the divorce is contested, then there are many more fees that will come into play. For example, with a contested divorce in Anniston, or anywhere else in Alabama, you will need to collect evidence about each party’s finances, file requests for discovery and various other motions in court.

In some cases, it may be necessary to bring in experts in more complex cases where there is much more at stake. The more aspects of the dissolution that the couple can agree on, the cheaper and faster the process will be. Whether you have children or not will also play a large role in how much it will cost. Another factor to consider is whether there is a prenuptial agreement.

Besides court fees being involved in every divorce, there will also be attorney’s fees involved too. Some divorce attorneys in Birmingham may have a flat fee to complete an uncontested dissolution of marriage. However, some attorneys may charge hourly rates. For a very basic uncontested divorce the average attorney’s fees in Alabama will cost hundreds of dollars. However, if there are many aspects of the case that are being contested then you can expect to pay much more.

In sum, yes you can get divorced in Alabama for cheap if it is uncontested and fairly simple. Our easy divorce lawyers charge flat fees for an uncontested divorce. Therefore, you should be able to get a dissolution of marriage in Alabama for less than a thousand dollars.

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