How to Get a Cheap Divorce in Homewood

It is easy to get a cheap uncontested divorce in Jefferson County as long as everyone is in agreement. After both spouses have signed the paperwork we can file it with the Court and get your divorce decree in about a month or two. This is a much faster than a contested divorce. A contested divorce in Homewood can take months or even years, depending on if there is a trial.  If both parties cannot agree and a trial is necessary to decide all issues, then it can take significantly longer in Jefferson County, Alabama.

How to get a cheap online divorce in Homewood

Historically, Alabama was one of the fastest places in America to get an easy divorce. From 1945 to 1970, Alabama issued more divorces than Nevada. Couples only had to wait a day to be divorced due to a legal loophole. They could also bypass the residency requirement so anyone in the country could file in Alabama. However, today in Alabama there is a thirty day cooling off period. Judges must wait that long to officially divorce a couple in both contested and uncontested divorces. The thirty day wait is to make sure both parties are sure about their decisions.

Thirty days from filing date is the quickest time to get officially divorced in Homewood. To get this done so quickly depends on the paperwork being correct. It is so important to hire a local Birmingham divorce attorney to handle your divorce. Our family law lawyers will make sure everything is in order when filed with the court.

An uncontested divorce in Alabama is the easiest way to get divorced in Homewood, Alabama. Since the process varies from county to county, you should call us today for how it is done in Jefferson County, Alabama.

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