Tips for Settling Disputes Regarding Time Sharing

For many individuals facing divorce, whether an uncontested divorce or contested divorce, their main concern is protecting the well-being of their children. When determining a child custody arrangement and parenting plan, most parents want what is in their child’s best interests. There is often disagreement, however, about the proper way to accomplish this goal.  It is a very difficult challenge facing parents deciding how they will divide responsibility for and time with their children. Parents sometimes fear that loss of their adult relationship will also mean loss of their parent-child relationship. They are also concerned about the potential negative impact of their separation on their children’s healthy development.  In this article we will share some tips on how to settle conflicts that arise regarding time sharing agreements.  disputes on time sharing

Separate feelings from behavior

Successful co-parenting means that your own emotions— anger, resentment, or hurt—must take a back seat to the needs of your children. Admittedly, setting aside such strong feelings may be the hardest part of learning to work cooperatively with your ex, but it’s also perhaps the most vital.

Don’t put your children in the middle

You may never completely lose all of your resentment or bitterness about your break up, but what you can do is compartmentalize those feelings and remind yourself that they are your issues, not your child’s. Resolve to keep your issues with your ex away from your children.


Compromise is an essential part of any negotiation, and it is especially critical in time sharing disputes. Both parents need to be willing to give up some of their preferred time sharing arrangements in order to reach an agreement. It is essential to approach negotiations with an open mind and a willingness to listen to the other parent’s perspective.

Improve communication with your co-parent

Peaceful, consistent, and purposeful communication with your ex is essential to the success of co-parenting—even though it may seem absolutely impossible. It all begins with your mindset. Think about communication with your ex as having the highest purpose: your child’s well-being.

Specific and clear plan

A time sharing plan should be as specific as possible to avoid ambiguity and confusion. The plan should include details such as the schedule for holidays, vacations, and special events, transportation arrangements, and communication protocols. The more specific the plan, the less room there is for misinterpretation and disagreement. When you decide the terms of your divorce by doing an online divorce or some other easy method, the parenting plan you agree on should be as specific as possible. 

If you cannot reach an agreement between the parties, then it may be necessary for you both to seek legal advice from a local Morgan County divorce attorney who specializes in family law matters such as divorce or child custody issues. An experienced lawyer will be able to provide guidance on how best to proceed with your case and ensure that all legal requirements are met so that your rights are protected throughout the process.

By following these tips for settling disputes regarding time sharing arrangements, you can save yourself a lot of stress and hassle while ensuring that all parties involved get what they need out of the arrangement in the end. Remember, though, that no matter what method you choose for resolving your dispute, always make sure that all parties involved understand their rights and responsibilities under the law before signing any agreements or making any decisions about how things should proceed moving forward. Consulting with a local divorce lawyer in Anniston, or anywhere else in Alabama, is always a good decision before making any decision about how to proceed with a divorce.

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