How does DHR get Involved in a Child’s Family Situtation

How does DHR in Alabama get involved in a child’s family situation and can a Birmingham divorce attorney help get them out? DHR stands for the department of human resources. The Alabama department of human resources deals with a number of different issues such as: adoption, adult protective services, baby box initiative, Chafee Education and training voucher program, child care services, child support payment and enforcement, family coaches program, foster care, family assistance, and transitional child care. Generally the department of human resources may become involved in any family matter where there is an issue.  How does DHR get involved

When there is an issue in the home such as child neglect or child abuse, the department of human resources may send a social worker to the house and determine whether the child is in an unsafe environment. If someone from the human resources department determines that a child is in danger they can remove the child from that home. Once the child has been removed, the department of human resources will then be in charge of placing the child in a new home whether that be through an adoption in Jefferson County, foster care or some other form of transitional child care. 

Human resources have the ability to step in and get involved in a number of family matters. Generally DHR is trying to do what is in the best interest of the family members, whether that be a spouse or a child. Under Alabama law there are certain groups of people who are mandated to report instances of child abuse or any other issues that they are aware of in the home. This list includes: doctors or any other healthcare workers, teachers and other people that work with children, police officers, social workers, and mental health professionals. 

If any of these people see some sign of an issue in the home, they are mandated to report the instance to the department of human resources. They can also report the instance to law enforcement and then law enforcement will notify the department of human resources. This group of people is encouraged to make a report even if they are not certain that there is an issue, they only need to suspect that there is an issue in the home. 

If a report is made then the human resources department will begin an investigation into the family. Once the investigation has begun and human resources finds that there is an issue, there is a chance that the DHR case will go to court and you will need a local Bessemer divorce lawyer. The court will then determine what is best for the family. The court will consider a number of factors such as the severity of the case, and whether a family member needs to be removed from the home. 

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