Child Custody and Visitation Rights

It’s disappointing and frustrating when a parent can’t visit their child. The first step to take is to learn more about parental rights. While some undocumented custody arrangements may work temporarily, sometimes one parent deprives the other of visitation options. If one parent prevents another from spending time with the children, it’s time to know your rights as a parent for child custody and visitation.

Do You Know Your Parental Rights?

In Alabama, both parents have the right to spend time with their children, and parents have a joint right to seek custody of the children. In addition, federal laws, along with state ones, protect your parental rights, such as weekly visitations or holidays with the kids based on the arrangement made between the parties. Another arrangement may involve having the children live with you during certain times of the year. The first step toward exercising your parental rights is consulting with the nearby family law attorney Utah families recommend to others.  Custody Visitation Rights

Formality Matters

Informal arrangements often lead to disappointing circumstances where one parent is shut out from seeing the kids. As a result, the other parent may become upset and want to argue about the situation. Instead, contact a Birmingham divorce attorney to get a formal custody arrangement from the court that requires your spouse to let you see the children. Without a custody order, asserting your parental rights is complex.

Custody Orders Are Important

A custody order gives both parents access to their parental rights and outlines how and when each parent sees the child, so they know what to expect. Also, the ruling explains who makes decisions for the child, such as medical care and transportation to school. When parents separate without a custody order, the situation becomes confusing as each parent asserts their right to spend time with the children and make decisions for them. As a result, one parent may deny access to the children, and everyone loses out.

Get the Courts Involved

While parents may feel reluctant to involve the courts in sensitive family matters, court-ordered custody arrangements protect the children and parents. Establishing boundaries is critical to avoid conflicts and provide a consistent environment for the children. If the other parent denies you access to the children, waiting can make it look like it does not matter to you. As a result, it is essential to contact an attorney immediately to discuss filing for custody of your children in a Jefferson County divorce.

How an Attorney Helps

Filing for a custody order requires several important steps, such as providing evidence to strengthen your case and filing the required paperwork. An attorney is there every step of the way to help the courts allocate custody between you and the other parent. Plus, court intervention focuses on the best interests of the children rather than the parents’ feelings to determine a custody schedule that benefits them. Regarding custody disputes, everyone involved should be focused on what benefits the children, which includes having a formal custody arrangement for predictability.

When the other parent denies access to your child, the first reaction can be frustration and discontent. Instead of becoming emotional, reach out to a local Bessemer divorce attorney immediately to exercise your parental rights. Legal intervention helps you create a better future for your children by establishing a fair custody schedule that works for everyone.

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