How To Get An Online Divorce in Butler County

The quickest way to get an online divorce in Butler County is to get an uncontested divorce. You can get an online divorce in Butler County, Alabama as long as both parties agree on everything. This is sometimes called a “no fault” divorce. If you have minor children, you will also need to agree on custody and child support matters. When you agree on the terms, the process of getting an online divorce in Alabama is much faster.

Online Divorces in GreenvilleMarriage is essentially a contract between two people in the eyes of the law. When two parties agree on how to terminate a contract, it is usually a relatively straightforward and non-stressful process. When there are disputes between the parties on terminating a contract, it can become expensive. This is true for divorce disputes as well. However, if both parties are in agreement then our Greenville divorce lawyer can get you an online divorce in Greenville anytime.

You don’t technically have to hire an Alabama uncontested divorce lawyer to file your divorce paperwork, but you need one to prepare it. Although, having an experienced lawyer can make the process easier and cheaper for you. An experienced local attorney has the knowledge of the law and local court procedures. Having a lawyer to represent you, can ensure you send in the correct paperwork to the court in a timely manner. Your Butler County divorce attorney will know the correct legal language to use in your filings. Sometimes a judge will reject your divorce, even if both parties were in agreement. This happens because the content was not legally sufficient to grant a divorce in the judge’s eyes.

Another benefit of an uncontested divorce is that the parties normally do not have to appear in court. However, the courts may require a hearing in some uncontested divorces, even if both spouses are in agreement. You can represent yourself in court. Judges and court clerks will hold you to the same standards as licensed attorneys. They expect you to know what and where to file, as well as the applicable laws to apply. You may ask the judge or court staff for help, they will advise you to seek out a lawyer that handles divorce cases.Online Divorce in Butler County AL

Our divorce attorney in Greenville currently charges $290 for an uncontested divorce with no minor children of the marriage and $390 with minor children. There is also a filing fee as well. Most counties have their own unique local requirements in order to obtain an uncontested divorce, such as having certain language included in your Settlement Agreement or other documents. Call today to get an online divorce in Butler County, Alabama.

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