Alabama Uncontested Divorces

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We are currently charging $320 in attorney fees for uncontested divorces without minor children and $420 for uncontested divorces with minor children of the marriage.

Alabama Cheap Divorces

Alabama Uncontested DivorcesThere are generally two ways that couples can get a divorce in Alabama, either contested or uncontested.  Alabama uncontested divorces are generally the best way to get a quick and cheap divorce and is sometimes called a no fault divorce.  It is where both spouses reach an agreement prior to the divorce being filed and at the time the case is filed, nothing is contested or disputed.

In an uncontested divorce, the necessary documents are typically prepared by an Alabama uncontested divorce lawyer and both parties then sign the documents, which includes a settlement agreement concerning all of their marital issues.  Once the documents are signed and properly executed, then the documents can be filed with the appropriate court (and since an agreement has been signed and filed with all of the other documents, it is called an uncontested divorce).  The Court will typically not sign the divorce decree for at least 30 days, but in an easy and quick uncontested divorce both spouses will usually be receiving their Final Decree of Divorce in the mail about 6 to 12 weeks after filing (depending on the county you file in).

There are typically no hearings or court dates in an Alabama uncontested divorce since an agreement has been reached concerning the division of marital assets, custody, and other such matters.  Some counties have a different process for obtaining a quick no fault divorce than others and each county can have their own unique document requirements.  However, our lawyers file hundreds of uncontested divorces every year in almost every county in the state, and are familiar with the requirements necessary for you to receive a cheap and quick divorce no matter where you are filing.

Alabama Contested Divorces

In contrast to an uncontested or no fault divorce, a contested divorce is when one spouse contacts a lawyer to file their divorce for them without an agreement having been reached.  In response to this filing, the other spouse usually gets an attorney and responds by filing a document called an Answer.  At this point both parties, through their respective divorce attorneys, will try to reach an agreement at various hearings that are set each month or so.  Eventually, if no agreement can be reached, then both parties will go to trial (many months or well over a year later) and have a Judge decide such things for them as custody, visitation, and marital property division.  The attorney fees in a contested divorce are much higher than an uncontested, and the process takes much longer since there are contested issues to be resolved.

How Much Does an Uncontested Divorce Cost?

Our uncontested divorce lawyers are currently charging $320 for attorney fees in simple no fault divorces in Alabama without minor children of the marriage and $420 for simple no fault divorces in Alabama with minor children of the marriage.  We would need to speak with you first about your agreement and gather some additional information about you and your spouse.  Once we have this information our uncontested divorce lawyers will create the documents for you and your spouse to execute, and return them to our office to file it for you.

When you retain our lawyers to handle your uncontested divorce for you we will:  1) prepare all of your documents, including your agreement for you; 2) counsel you and answer any questions you may have about the divorce process; 3) file your divorce documents once they are properly signed and executed; and 4) work to ensure that the judge signs the Decree and that the process goes as quickly as possible.  A non-contested divorce is almost always the best way to obtain an easy and cheap divorce while allowing both parties to have the divorce become final as quickly as possible and not drag on in the Courts.