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Our Alabama will lawyers and estate planning attorneys are currently charging a discounted flat rate attorney’s fee of $80 to prepare your simple last will and testament for you and your family. This includes only the drafting of the document for you and answers by our attorney to any questions you may have by phone or email. If you would like an in office consultation in one of our offices, then there is an additional fee of $150 to meet in person. If you require Trusts or any other additional documentation, then that will require additional costs as well. The $80 discounted attorney’s fee is just for your simple last will and testament documents with questions answered by our local attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Alabama.

Alabama Last Will and Testaments

Simple Wills LawyersA will is a necessary document if you do not want your estate to pass to individuals according to the laws of the State of Alabama and wish to choose who your estate will go to and who you wish to have take care of your minor children.  Everyone needs a Last Will and Testament, whether you decide to create one for yourself or you seek the advice of our Alabama will lawyers.

If you have a substantial amount of property and assets then you should call a wills and estates lawyer to help you and your family plan your estate.  If you do not have a substantial amount of property and only require a simple will, then you may be able to do this yourself, but it is still recommended that you contact a wills attorney to advise you and create your documents for you.  Our Alabama will lawyers can consult with you and advise you concerning your assets and any considerations concerning your children such as the need for trusts and guardianship considerations.

Typically, individuals making a will leave the majority of their estate to one person (primary beneficiary) and will name an alternative individual (secondary beneficiary) to receive the majority of their estate should the intended primary person pass away prior to the individual making the will.  The maker of the last will and testament may also name an executor (primary executor), someone to oversee your will and make sure that your wishes in it are executed properly and a secondary executor in case the primary executor passes away prior to the maker of the will.

How Much Does Creating a Will Cost?

A simple will is when most of your assets pass to one individual and you name an executor (and secondary executor) to execute your wishes.  Also, in simple wills individuals can add some additional simple clauses as long as no Trusts or other such documents are involved. We are currently charging a $80 flat attorney’s fee to prepare your simple will documents for you and your spouse. For this fee, our attorney will speak with you by phone and/or emails and answer any questions you may have and then prepare and send you the last will and testament for you to properly execute and sign. If you wish to meet with the attorney in one of our offices, for either a consultation or to have the attorney present during the execution of the documents, it would be an additional fee of $150. If you wish to meet in an office, then you should call the office to set up an appointment.

Whether you want an in office consultation or not, if you are interested in having us prepare a simple will for you and your family, then call today to speak with one of our attorneys.

Getting the Will Drafting Process Started

Our will lawyers in Alabama are currently charging $80 for simple wills that do not require a trust.  To start the process with us, you would call our office and request a questionnaire.  Our wills and estates attorney will send it to you and you fill it out and send it back to our office for us to type up your Last Will and Testament.

Once we have received your questionnaire then if needed our attorney can call you to go over the questionnaire, go over your situation and the legal documents that have been prepared, suggest additional documents or changes, and answer any questions you may have about your last will and testament. If you would like to have this consultation in one of our offices instead of over the phone, then you would need to set up an appointment. Meeting for an in office appointment is an additional fee of $150.

Once you understand and agree to the contents of your last will, our lawyers will finish preparing your documents and our office will send the will to you for you to execute on your own. Once the Will is executed, we can keep an original for you in our office or you can keep an original in a safe place that you designate yourself.

If you do not currently have a last will and testament and are seeking an attorney to prepare your will documents for you, then give our Alabama will attorneys a call today whether you live in Montgomery, Huntsville, Decatur, Birmingham, Anniston, or the surrounding areas.