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The Harris Firm is currently charging a flat fee of $850 for most simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings in Talladega County, Alabama. Our Talladega bankruptcy lawyers will get you the debt relief you need through the Alabama Bankruptcy Court. Contact our bankruptcy attorneys in Talladega for any questions about the bankruptcy process.

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Talladega

Talladega Bankruptcy LawyersIf you are drowning in debts, then call our experienced Talladega bankruptcy lawyers and let them guide and inform you about the bankruptcy process. We will discuss the process in detail so that you can make informed decisions about your financial situation. Should debt relief be the best option for you, then our bankruptcy lawyer in Talladega will work to make the process as simple as possible, explaining everything as we pursue your discharge together.

You can make an appointment or call and speak with our bankruptcy lawyer over the phone. Eventually, you will need to set up an in person appointment, but it is sometimes best to speak to our bankruptcy lawyer over the phone first. At the consultation we will review your financial situation and discuss the next steps. Our Talladega bankruptcy lawyers aim to make sure that the client makes informed decisions regarding bankruptcy, but we also work to keep it as seamless and stress free as possible.  

To file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we will need specific documentation to proceed. For example, we will need your last six months of pay stubs or other proof of income and the last two years tax returns.  We will also need things like bank statements and information on any businesses you may own, but if you call today our bankruptcy lawyer can go into greater detail about what you need to gather for a potential appointment.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Talladega

It can be challenging to know when to consider bankruptcy. Here are a few ways to identify if you need to consider bankruptcy as an option – contact one of our Talladega bankruptcy lawyers if:

1) You need to use credit cards for basic living expenses such as groceries or gas and it’s hindering you from keeping up with credit card bills; 

2) Creditors are pursuing lawsuits against you;Bankruptcy Lawyers in Talladega

3) You have more than $10,000 in credit card debt;

4) You’re behind on your mortgage, car payment or are being faced with imminent foreclosure or repossession;

5) Debt collectors are calling everyday, harassing you and sending you nonstop mail and you see no way of getting out from under the debt

6) You are responsible for massive medical bills that your insurance did not pay with no way of ever paying for them.

Our Talladega bankruptcy lawyers are experts in debt relief and all the legal options that might be available to you.  When you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you are able to wipe out certain debts and get a fresh start. It can sometimes be a very helpful option for individuals that have overwhelming debts in Talladega County, Alabama.

Even in what would seem like a simple Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there may be potential issues that could arise once your case is filed. This is why it is important to obtain a local bankruptcy attorney to file your case, since they will be familiar with the process and know all of the rules of the particular bankruptcy court you are filing in.

Filing for Bankruptcy in Talladega

If you live in Talladega, Sylacauga, Childersburg, Lincoln, or the surrounding areas of Talladega County, then you will likely be filing your bankruptcy in the United States District Court, Northern District of Alabama, Eastern Division. Talladega Bankruptcy AttorneysIn a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will have a hearing called a Meeting of the Creditors. If you live in the City of Talladega or anywhere else in Talladega County, then your bankruptcy hearing will be in downtown Anniston.

Normally, no creditors tend to show up at these meetings and the Trustee in your case will just ask you a few simple questions about your financial situation. If there are no issues, then you should receive a discharge and never have to go before a Judge in most Chapter 7 cases.

We are a member of the local Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce and the North and Central Alabama Better Business Bureau, so feel free to check us out there for reviews from former clients.  Our bankruptcy lawyers routinely practice in the Calhoun County and Etowah County areas, and are familiar with the bankruptcy process in the Northern District of Alabama, Eastern Division. If you live in Eastern Alabama and need some financial relief, then give our Oxford and Talladega bankruptcy attorneys a call today for more information.