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When an animal attacks you or a loved one it can cause serious injuries. If an individual has an animal as a pet (such as a dog) and that animal attacks and injures you then you should call an Alabama dog bite lawyer to see if you have a claim for damages.  If you have been injured due to an animal attack, then call our Alabama personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation over the phone or for a consultation in one of our offices.

dog bite lawyer

The most common animal attack claims in Alabama are dog bite attacks. Although most dog bite victims are the elderly and children, they are more prevalent than one may believe. There are three situations where a dog owner can be liable for a dog bite in Alabama.

First, an owner can be liable under the Alabama Dog Bite Statute which states that the dog owner will be responsible for the bite and other damage caused by the dog if the victim had lawfully been on the owner’s property and was either chased from the property and then bitten or bitten on the property.

The second way that a dog owner can be liable is under the theory of negligence whereby the owner or handler of the dog was negligent and that was the sole cause of the injury. The third way a dog owner can be liable is under the theory of common law strict liability.

In order to be liable in Alabama under strict liability the dangerous propensity or habit of the dog must be known and must be the sole cause of the injury. These are the theories under which a dog bite victim may recover for injuries in Alabama.  Give our Alabama animal attack attorney a call for a free consultation today.

The injuries can range in severity but often the effect of a bite can cause severe harm to a person or even death. Injuries are not limited to but often are as follows:
• Severe Infections
• Scars
• Emotional Trauma
• Medical Traumas form necessary inoculations and other procedures.

Have You Been Injured In A Dog Bite Attack?

What Should I do if I have been bitten?

• Although injured, it is best to identify the dog or animal that has mauled you due to the fact that the animal must be tested for infections such as rabies, which can deem a painful treatment for humans.
• Get Medical Attention! Contact your physician or emergency room doctor. Upon treatment, it is very important to follow all directions by the doctor involving wound care, prescribed medicines, and other various treatments.
• Obtain the name, address, dog vaccination records, and other information about the dog.
• Contact our dog bite lawyer for a free consultation to discuss your rights under the law.

Never Do the Following:
• Only sign the hospital admission papers or paperwork from your primary care physician. Do not sign anything from the owner of the dog or the owner’s homeowner insurance provider.
• Do not have contact with the county or city animal control authorities. Have your attorney read the city and county ordinances to review the policies and procedures for handling dog bite victims. But since there might be time concerns you should contact a lawyer as quickly as possible after the attack.

Benefits of Contacting an Alabama Dog Bite Lawyer:
• Free Phone Consultation where a dog bite attorney can help to explain and go over what rights you have as a victim of an animal attack.
• A discussion of the statute of limitations with our Alabama injury lawyer. The statute of limitations is the time period in which a person (with the help of a dog bite lawyer) may file a claim against an entity, in this case the owner of the dog.
• Our Birmingham dog bite attorney will organize your medical records and contact the insurance provider so you do not have to.
• There are many practices and procedures that our attorneys have for dealing with insurance companies. Contact our animal attack lawyer and let us communicate with the adjuster for you.
• We are deeply committed to our clients. Rest assured, the insurance companies are only concerned about the dollar amount and not about your injuries, whether they may be permanent or temporary.
• You do not have to pay anything in attorney fees up front. Typically, we take these cases on a contingency fee, which means that our lawyer only receives an attorney’s fee if you receive a settlement or award. Retaining an Alabama dog bite attorney will be in your best interest in regards to consultations, organizing medical records (large or small), and contacting the insurance companies so you don’t have to.

Give one of our offices a call today, whether you are in or around the Montgomery, Anniston, Huntsville, or Birmingham areas for a consultation with a dog bite lawyer.  Our injury attorney will discuss the Alabama dog bite laws with you and evaluate your case.

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