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Our Tuscaloosa Divorce Lawyers are currently charging $320 for an uncontested divorce with no minor children of the marriage and $420 with children.

Divorce in Tuscaloosa

 If you live in the Tuscaloosa County area then the Tuscaloosa County Family Courts are where you would probably be filing your divorce.  Tuscaloosa, just like other counties in Alabama, has their own unique requirements that must be met when trying to get a divorce decree and our divorce lawyers know all of these local rules and can ensure you get your decree as quickly and easily as possible. 

Tuscaloosa is the fifth largest city in Alabama with over 93,000 people as of the 2012 U.S. Census and is the county seat of Tuscaloosa County with the county courthouse being located downtown at 714 Greensboro Avenue.  Although our office is not located in Tuscaloosa, our divorce lawyers regularly file divorce cases in the Tuscaloosa County Courts and know all of the local rules and procedures.  Also, if you would like to meet in person we do have several offices across Alabama with our Birmingham office being the closest to the Tuscaloosa area. 

However, if you and your spouse are agreeing to all marital issues, and you have no issues that you are arguing about, then getting a quick and cheap divorce is possible with our Tuscaloosa divorce lawyers.  There are a few requirements that are unique to Tuscaloosa County that could potentially delay getting a divorce decree in your case such as the Transitions in Parenting course that is required if you have minor children of the marriage.  This is a parenting class that is required to be taken by the custodial parent in order for a decree to be entered by the Court.  Also, it is required of the non-custodial parent if they wish to exercise his/her visitation rights after the decree has been entered.  There are a few exceptions to this, but in general it is required in all cases where minor children are involved. 

This parenting course requirement can delay your divorce decree from being entered by the judge since it is only offered on certain dates and at certain times.  Our Tuscaloosa divorce lawyers are very familiar with this course and can get you in touch with the proper department for more information.  The important thing to remember is that if you have a choice between Tuscaloosa and another county, you may wish to file in the other county due to this requirement, especially if you are going to have problems attending such a class in person. 

In addition to this parenting course, the Tuscaloosa County Courts may also require certain language in your settlement agreement or other divorce documents that other counties do not or have certain local procedural rules that are not required in other jurisdictions.  For example, the courts in Tuscaloosa County require that a motion be filed at a certain time during the non-contested divorce asking the court to enter your divorce decree.  If this motion is not filed, your divorce might be delayed for quite some time. 

Cost of Filing for Divorce

Right now, our Tuscaloosa divorce lawyers are charging $320 for non-contested divorces filed without minor children of the marriage.  If you have minor children then it will cost $420 for our law firm to handle your uncontested divorce.  This fee is essentially the attorney fees for our divorce lawyers in Tuscaloosa to draft your divorce documents for you and, once they have been properly signed and executed, file them with your divorce Complaint.  This flat fee only covers a divorce that is not contested and does not include the filing fee that must be paid whenever a divorce is filed in Alabama (which in Tuscaloosa County is about $238).  About a month or two after your non-contested divorce is filed, you should receive your divorce decree as long as there are no issues to be contested and your agreement is approved by the judge in your case.