Bankruptcy Lawyers in Montgomery

If you are drowning in debt, it may seem like you will never get caught up.  To be honest, you may not be able to given some of the interest rates of certain creditors.  However, it is not hopeless and there are alternatives available to you.  

Montgomery Bankruptcy Lawyers

U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Middle District of Alabama located in Montgomery, Alabama

Many people have found themselves in the same situation as you due to such life changing events as divorce, injuries, loss of a job, or even certain personal difficulties that cause one to go through a difficult time in their life.  These types of situations can cause anyone to go through a tough financial time and spiral into debt so quickly that they are in over their head before they even realized it.  If you find yourself fighting an uphill battle financially, and do not see a way out of it, then give our Montgomery bankruptcy lawyers a call and let us talk to you about the possibilities that are available.  

Sometimes there are alternatives to filing for bankruptcy that might be the best step to take, but if not, you should understand that the United States Bankruptcy Courts were created a very long time ago to help individuals just like yourself and many people have taken advantage of these courts throughout history including famous politicians and respected public figures for over a hundred years.  It is understandable to be skeptical of the bankruptcy process, but that is what our Montgomery bankruptcy lawyers are here for, to explain the process and your alternatives to you so that you can make the best decision about how to handle your financial issues.  

If most of your debts are unsecured (meaning that the debts are not secured by property such as a house or vehicle) and they are not student loans, child support, recent tax debts, or certain other specially protected debts, then you may be able to have our divorce lawyers in Montgomery file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for you and be able to have all of this debt disappear.  That is what a Chapter 7 bankruptcy does, it essentially eliminates your obligation to pay these types of debts, so that, since you are not obligated to pay it anymore, the creditors cannot collect the debts, practically eliminating the debts.

That is what makes a Chapter 7 so powerful is the ability to get these types of debts eliminated very quickly, with the entire process usually lasting about three months.  It can also seem relatively simple for some individuals, with only one hearing to go to that is called the Meeting of the Creditors (although no creditors usually show up).  For more information on this hearing, you can go to our page on the Meeting of the Creditors.

Montgomery Bankruptcy Lawyers

If you are in Montgomery or the surrounding areas of Prattville, Selma, or even down in Dothan or Auburn, then if you file for bankruptcy you will be filing in the United States District Court in the Middle District of Alabama.  This is the particular Bankruptcy Court that you will most likely be filing in and your meeting of the creditors will likely either be held in the federal courthouse in downtown Montgomery, Opelika, or in Dothan.  Which location depends on your residence, and usually the county that you are residing in.  For more information on where you will be filing your bankruptcy in you can call our Montgomery bankruptcy lawyers and set up a consultation either over the phone or in person or you can go to our Bankruptcy Courts page.

Our experienced Montgomery bankruptcy lawyers file bankruptcy cases all across Alabama, including in Montgomery and throughout the entire Middle District of Alabama, including in Dothan, Auburn, and Opelika.  So call our bankruptcy attorneys in Montgomery if you have any questions or concerns about bankruptcy.  

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