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$320 Uncontested Divorces in Huntsville and Madison

If you reside in or around the Huntsville area then it is important that you retain a local Huntsville divorce lawyer to handle your divorce filing, even if you are considering a  quick and cheap divorce.  Our  divorce lawyers in Huntsville are currently charging $320 or $420 for uncontested divorces, depending on whether you have minor children of the marriage or not.  This is only in cases where both parties have already reached an agreement concerning all marital issues prior to the divorce being filed.

Madison County has some local rules that apply to divorce filings that other counties may not have, and our Huntsville divorce lawyers are very familiar with these county specific requirements.  Huntsville Divorce LawyersFor example, in Madison County if you have minor children of the marriage then you will not be able to receive your divorce decree unless you complete a transitions in parenting course and receive a certificate of completion.  This is a requirement that is specific to this particular jurisdiction, with most other counties not requiring this parenting course in an uncontested divorce.  

There are also certain clauses and language that the Madison County Courts require in your Settlement Agreement and other documents.  This means that if you obtain divorce documents from an online document preparation company, instead of a local divorce attorney in the Huntsville area, then their documents will not likely have the local language and clauses that are required in Madison County courts.  

Another county specific requirement  is the filing fee that the courts charge when the divorce is filed.  This fee can very greatly from county to county.  The filing fee for Madison County is currently $337 (which includes a small convenience fee for filing a divorce electronically) and this fee must be paid prior to our Huntsville divorce lawyers filling your uncontested divorce for you.  

If you reside in Huntsville, Madison, Meridianville, Harvest, Hazel Green, New Hope, New Market, or Redstone Arsenal then your divorce will likely be filed in the Madison County Circuit Court.  Huntsville is the county seat of Madison County with the county courthouse being located in downtown Huntsville.  The city of Huntsville is the fourth largest city in Alabama with a population of about 180,105 as of the 2010 U.S. Census and the Metropolitan Area’s population being about 417,593 as of the 2010 U.S. Census.  Huntsville is located in Northern Alabama and borders Morgan County, Marshall County, Jackson County, and Limestone County.  If you have any questions about filing for divorce locally in the Madison County area, then contact our Huntsville divorce lawyers and we will be happy to speak with you.  

Madison Divorce Lawyers

Madison is the second largest city in Madison County with over 40,000 people.  Although our Madison divorce lawyers do not have an office in the city, we also file many divorces for individuals living in the Madison city limits.  Madison is located in Northern Alabama and is in the Huntsville area.  Most of the people that file divorce and reside in Madison, will be filing their divorce in the Madison County Courts, similar to individuals living in the city of Huntsville. 

If you and your spouse have already reached an agreement and are seeking an uncontested divorce in Huntsville, Madison, or the surrounding areas of Madison County, then our Madison and Huntsville divorce attorneys are currently charging a discounted flat rate for our attorneys fees in uncontested divorce cases.  For more information on the costs of divorce please go to our Costs of Filing an Uncontested Divorce page.  We have offices across Alabama, including in Huntsville, and in the case of an uncontested divorce our divorce attorneys can set up a telephone conference with you to answer any questions you might have since you have already reached an agreement with your spouse.

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If you live in Madison County, whether in the city of Huntsville or Madison, then our divorce attorneys can help you file your uncontested divorce.  Give us a call today for a consultation with one of our Huntsville divorce lawyers and let us counsel you through the divorce process.

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